Sitaphal or Sitafal, Seethapalam aka Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women

Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women

Seethapalam, Sitaphal aka Sitafal – Custard Apple Benefits For Good Health

Generally, Fruits are rich in antioxidants; vitamins, magnesium, Potassium and other miscellaneous nutrients. Custard Apple (Sugar Apple) is one amazing fruit with ultimate medicinal characteristics and benefits for life. Custard apple has calories of about 94 calories for every 100 grams. It is a healthy and a tasty fruit. Custard apple is very good for human health and produces good results on usage. Uses of custard apple are very high and natural beneficial. Herewith, you are going to explore the Custard Apple Health Benefits, Medicinal Benefits, and natural uses, benefits for diabetes, heart, pregnancy and babies.

Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits Heart Skin
Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits Heart Skin

Other Names of custard apple are as follows:
Custard apple is known by different names in different areas. It is necessary for us to know about the different names of custard apple. They are as follows:
Custard apple in Tamil – Seethapazham
Custard apple in Hindi – Shareepha
Custard apple in Telugu – Sitaphalam
Custard apple in Marathi – Sitaphala

Custard Apple – Medicine of Many Diseases

Custard Apple is a vital medicine in curing Blood Pressure of human. There are several benefits which are hidden in one single fruit. Read below to discover all the Custard apple benefits and health advantages of Custard Apple.

  • Custard apples don’t look like a normal fruit but have significant features. Especially, the flesh of the fruit will taste delicious. In Custard Apple, Vitamin C and other vital antioxidants are found in large quantity. You can eat the fruit as such or can drink it as a milkshake or smoothie. If you don’t like milk, then you can very well eat this fruit to attain all the essential benefits of milk.
  • Healthy hair and Shiny skin is another gift of custard apple to us. Eating custard apple will help your skin to glow and makes you have healthy hair. This is, because, custard apple is rich in Vitamin A. That vitamin will treat the scalp and also moisturizes the skin. So, whenever you get time, try to eat custard apple to meet the benefits.
  • Healthy weight can be achieved by Custard Apple. Are you a person of a kind who wants to increase weight? Then custard apple is a perfect solution. Custard apple can be grinded, mixed with honey and should be drunk regularly. The high calories in that mixture will help you gain weight easily.
  • Custard apple for Pregnancy: Pregnant ladies should eat custard apple for the enhancement in fetus growth. Eating custard apple will help to strengthen the brain, nervous system and immune system. Added to that, this fruit prevents from abortion and heavy labor pain during childbirth.
  • Prevents Asthma: In Custard apple, due to the presence of vitamin B content, the wounds in windpipes can be cured. Also, custard apple is best suited for Asthma.
  • Heart Attack: Magnesium is present highly in Custard apple. That will help in preventing from heart attack dangers. Also, it helps in muscle relaxation and reduces the possibility of heart problems.
  • Enhances Digestion: In Custard apple, Copper and fiber nutrients are present in large amounts and thus helps indigestion. Continuous consuming of custard apple will help us to recover from constipation.
  • Blood Pressure: Potassium and Magnesium rich Custard apple controls the blood pressure. If you have fluctuations in blood pressure, custard apple is a perfect medicine to maintain it.
Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits For Heart
Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits For Heart

Custard Apple Benefits For Heart

The suitable fruit for the heart is Custard Apple. Cures Tuberculosis, and enhances chillness in the body. Custard Apple cures intestine wounds and avoids laziness. You can make a geer with custard apple and milk to taste a refreshing delight. Custard apple will help to secrete high amount of blood in the human body and also increases brain power.
Nutrients in 100 grams of Custard Apple

  • Proteins – 1.6 Gram
  • Fiber Nutrients – 3.1 Gram
  • Starch – 23.5 Gram
  • Fat – 0.3 Gram
  • Calcium – 17 Milligram
  • Phosphorous – 47 Milligram
  • Iron content – 1.5 Milligram
  • Magnesium – 48 Milligram
  • Potassium – 34 Milligram
  • Copper – 0.52 mg
  • Chlorine – 3.7 milligram
  • Thiamine – 007 Milligram
  • Riboflavin – 0.20 Milligram
  • Niacin – 1.3 Milligram
  • Vitamin C – 37 Milligram
  • Oxalic acid – 1.3 Milligram
Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits
Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

The extraordinary nutrients in custard apple strengthen the heart. Custard apple prevents the heart related problems and that is clinically proven in American Research Laboratory. Some of the other health benefits are listed below

  • Custard apple is able to cure tuberculosis at the initial stage itself. If the people at the medium stage of tuberculosis eat custard apple, it will control the severity of the disease.
  • Heavy Thirst during summer can be cured by drinking Custard apple juice. Also, it avoids the diseases of summer and enhances the chillness of the body.
  • Custard apple is good for those who undergo surgery because it will cure all the wounds of the operation.
  • Constipation can be completely cured by Custard apple.
  • People with urinary problems can eat custard apple to urinate easily without any heat.
  • Unwanted cholesterol can be reduced if you eat custard apple continuously.
  • Custard apple will increase blood circulation and also treats Anemia. The glucose in this fruit will reduce laziness and enhances active nature of you.
  • Add ginger juice and jaggery to custard apple mixture and eat it to avoid unnecessary body heat.
  • Every night before you go to sleep, have one custard apple and 2 dates to get a good sleep. Those who suffer from sleeping problems should practice it to get good results.
  • Cramps will be cured completely by custard apple and also will help to enhance muscle functioning.
  • Dry skinned people can take custard apple on a regular basis to have a perfect glow. Also, the Vitamin C present in this fruit will prevent from catching the cold and also capable of curing it.
  • Cholesterol can be prevented from storage in our body by eating a mixture of turmeric and custard apple. Added to that, saffron with custard apple will help to build up immunity power within the body.
  • If you have any mosaic patches on the skin, just apply the grinded paste of white garlic and custard apple juice to get rid of that.
Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Benefits
Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Benefits

Custard Apple for Memory Power

Among all the fruits, custard apple has the unique smell and taste. Every Part of custard apple has its own uses. The Skin, seed, and bark of custard apple contain rare medicinal characteristics. In custard apple, sufficient amount of glucose and sucrose are present. Hence, the custard apple fruit can able to give the good taste of sugar. Custard apple juice is used as the best tonic in Ayurvedic treatment. Custard apple makes to generate more blood and thus will strengthen our body.
Nutrients in Custard Apple
In custard apple, Vitamin C and calcium are present in large amounts along with water nutrients. Apart from that, Custard apple fruit contains Carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals, dietary fiber, phosphorus and Iron in sufficient amounts.
Custard Apple fruit for Diabetes
The leaves of Custard apple tree have amazing medicinal benefits. The juice of the custard apple tree leaves can cure dysentery problems. Custard apple tree and the leaves are very useful to mankind. The roots of custard apple can prevent from abortions of pregnancy. Diabetes can be cured by the custard apple fruit.
Custard apple cures Pimples
Mix the custard apple juice along with some salt and apply it on the swellings of pimples. The swelling gets ripen and break easily to release the water. Custard apple leaves will heal the wounds very soon.

Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple
Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple

Custard apple Glows the Skin and Hair

To have a glowing skin, here is a simple procedure. Mix the custard apple seed powder, green gram powder and apply it on the head. Just wash the hair and you will get rid of lies to get a beautiful hair. Also, you can apply the roasted gram powder, lemon juice, and custard apple seed powder and take bath to get a silky hair. This will also reduce the hair fall at a greater rate.
Fenugreek, Greengram should be left soaked for a night. After that in the morning, custard apple seed powder needs to be mixed with that mixture and apply it on the scalp and let it be there for some time. After some time, wash the hair to remove dandruff from the head.
For having a glowing skin, custard apple seed powder is playing a major role. Make the tea from the seed powder and drink it to increase your enthusiasm and bone strength.

Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women
Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women

Custard Apple Health Benefits

Custard apple is good for bone, heart, and muscles. Children should take custard apple to grow healthy teeth and to strengthen their bones. If you continuously consume custard apple it will strengthen the heart muscles. Asthma and tuberculosis will be cured by custard apple. The memory power for children can be developed by custard apple. The wine produced by custard apple is seemed to contain medicinal benefits.

Custard Apple – A Natural Gift with Extraordinary Benefits

On the whole, Custard apple (Seethapalam) is a fruit with high calories and best benefits. Not only the custard apple fruit is useful but also the Custard apple tree, leaves and bark are useful. Custard apple is also called as the sugar apple. The information about custard apple is very interesting and surprising to hear. Custard apple juice is the best tonic for health patients. Pregnant ladies and cancer patients can consume custard apple to meet with miraculous changes. Many people don’t know what a custard apple is. It is essential for every human to know about what they eat. Custard apple is one good fruit for good health. Eat healthy to have a fortune-filled the life.

Sitaphal or Sitafal, Seethapalam aka Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women
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