Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves – Skin, Hair, Heart and Child’s Growth

Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves - Guava Health Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth

Guava – Wonderful Gift of God for Heart Health, Child’s Growth, Skin and Hair

Guava (Koyya) is the best known fruit rich in Vitamin C. Guava is a fruit and said to cover all the tropical regions. Guava is available in many varieties and also varies with colors. Guava generally grows in stout trees with thick barks. Guava can be got easily and at cheaper rates. Many people are buying guavas and eating it without knowing the real facts. Do you ever attempt to know the extraordinary benefits of Guava? If not, you have landed to the correct page for getting it. Here, in this post, you can explore the amazing advantages of Guava along with medicinal facts and Health benefits Guava. Scroll down to gain a perfect knowledge about the magical fruit called Guava.

Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Tree Guava Leaves Guava Fruits
Guava Tree – Guava Leaves – Guava Fruits

Nutrients in Guava Fruit
1 cup Guava approximately – 165 grams, contains

  • Fat calories – 2 percent
  • Lactose – 8 percent
  • Fiber – 36 percent
  • 4 grams protein
  • Vitamin A – 21 per cent
  • Vitamin C – 628 percent
  • Calcium – 3 percent
  • Iron – 2 percent
Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Fruits Guava Tree Fruits
Guava Fruits – Guava Tree Fruits

Guava Fruit – The Medicinal and Health Benefits Guava

Guava (or Koyya) is a fruit which is rich in Vitamins and minerals. Not only the fruit but also the leaves, barks of the guava tree are beneficial. Guava has the benefits of Guava for men, women and also for kids. The unbelievable advantages and benefits of Guava are listed below:

  • Nutrients like Vitamin B and Vitamin C are present in large amounts in Guava.
  • The major water soluble salts like Calcium, Phosphorous, and Iron are present naturally in the fruit.
  • The leaves of Guava are capable of burning the calories and also help in blood circulation.
  • The guava extract can cure vomiting sensation and constipation problems.
  • The heated juice of Guava leaves is a perfect medicine for swelling in Teeth gums.
  • The health juice made from Guava leaves can cure a cough, throat, and heart related disorders. The juice extract of the newly formed barks is capable of curing fever.
  • The paste of Guava leaves when applied on wounds help to recover soon. Ulcer and Teeth defects can also be cured with the help of leave Paste.
  • The bark slits of Guava prevents from bacterial infections and its roots can cure dysentery problems of infants.
  • It is advisable not to use the knife for cutting the fruit. Rather, after washing, you can just eat it with your teeth.
  • Guava is very rich in Vitamin C and hence termed to be the god’s gift for Children. Guava helps in their growth and strengthens the bones.
  • The presence of nutrients is very high mainly on the skin of Guava and hence don’t remove it before eating.
  • Guava is good for the brightness and beauty of the human face. Dryness is completely removed and thus gives an anti aging property to your skin.
  • Alcoholic persons can recover themselves by eating this fruits. If you consume guava daily, all the bad thoughts will fly away from you.
  • The juice made with guava and some other natural ingredients will help in the free release of waste matter from the mother after childbirth.
  • Guava is not suitable to consume before your eating time. You can eat guava after finishing your food or the long time before having food.
  • Persons with Skin disorder should not take Guava since it will enhance your problem of disease.
  • Similarly, people with diseases like Asthma, Paralysis should not have guava at all. It will increase the severity of the disease.
  • Eating Guava at night should be avoided since it can cause stomach ache. Also, make sure to eat less. Taking too much of the fruit may lead to fainting and body heat.
  • Guava gives a glow and beauty to the skin. Guava restores your aging effect.
  • The wounds in Pancreas and gall bladder can be cured by guava.
  • Those people who smoke will automatically get wounds and problems in Liver. When they eat Guava, will surely recover soon from those problems.
  • The problems occurring in blood vessels and also other blood related problems can be cured by Guava.
  • If the blockages caused in the blood vessels are 70% to 80%, it can be completely cured by 5 to 10% when guava fruit is consumed.
  • Guava fruit will enhance digestion and immunity power within the human body.
  • The alcoholic people get relief from addiction by eating the guava fruit.
Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava

Health Benefits of Guava Fruit, Guava Leaves and Guava Juice

After Banana, the most popular fruit is Guava. We people are eating Guava without knowing its real benefits. When we come to know about its unknown benefits, we will even eat more.

Health Benefits Guava Tree Guava Fruit Guava Leaves -Guava Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Juice Guava Fruit Juice
Guava Juice – Guava Fruit Juice

Here are some important health benefits of Guava given:

  • Guava has the essential vitamin C content more than four times than that in orange. Vitamin C content of preventing germs from attacking the immune system to keep your health safe.
  • Copper content in guava helps greatly to act with hormones in bringing about health safety. Greatly facilitate the functioning of the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland function.
  • Guava greatly reduces the risk of cancer. Vitamin C content in the Guava greatly reduces the risk of cancer by tissue preservation with the help of Vitamin Licobion.
  • Guava fruit is best suited for Diabetes patients. No fiber, low sugar level containing Guava can be taken by sugar patients.
  • Guava fruit helps in bringing about good eyesight.
  • The folic acid, vitamin B-9 are present in Guava and hence suggested for pregnant women. It protects the baby’s nervous system very well.
  • Keeps the blood pressure steady. Boosts blood production.
  • Magnesium in Guava will make veins, muscles relaxed so that there will be the decrease in depression.
  • If we eat Guava, Vitamin B-3, also known as the niacin, vitamin B-6 in the brain called as pretoxin go well with our body. Also, it helps in blood circulation to the brain helping it to get rid of tiring.
  • The vitamin C, A and Licobion, carotene, etc. will delay the appearance of wrinkles by eliminating the old.
  • Guava removes waste products of our body to clean the bowel. Below are some notes to recipes. Whether it is a fruit or vegetable, any cooking object should be used after washing. Both white and red Guava are good for health.

Guava is Mandatory for Good Health

No one can be unaware of Guava flavor. Guava grown in home gardens and also by the side of plough fields. India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are the countries where guava is grown much. The Jampala, Guava, Palampar are the names by which the fruit is called. Guava is similar to Mango, jackfruit, banana fruit described largely in parallel. Guava is a nutrient rich fruit, which is the highest in the lowest price.

Health Benefits Guava Tree Guava Fruit Guava Leaves -Guava Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Fruit Juice Guava Juice
Guava Fruit Juice – Guava Juice

Guava fruits are grown abundantly in summer. Inner pulp of the fruit is currently for sale in the environment. Guava fruits are available in white and red colors. A variety of guava contains the pulp to be Rose in color. In all the types of Guava, there are only medical uses. Guava has a fantastic smell and the vitamins and minerals are high in it. Next, to Amla, Guava is having the high content of Vitamin C.

Guava Tree Fruit Medicare Benefits

  • Constipation is resolved: Guava cures constipation at the beginning of the disease. The impact of all diseases begins from constipation. The synthesis of well-being, wealth is spoiled by Constipation. Guava keeps you rid of constipation if eaten piece of fruit for dinner. Guava increases the power of the digestive tract.
  • Ulcer healing: Chemicals are mixed in all the foods, they are more likely to cause indigestion which causes stomach ulcers. To alleviate this, it’s better to eat Guava fruit. If the source of the disease prevalence has continued Guava will make your escape from the original disease.
  • Guava for Liver: Strengthen the liver, the body’s storage stockpile of liver damage, the nature of the body vary causing body heat. Thus the body would lead to many complications. Apart from this, the Guava is very important to strengthen the Liver thereby avoids problems
  • Guava for diabetes: The people with the impact of diabetes should not eat Guava at times. But for patients with diabetes, Guava can be taken to reduce the damage caused. There is also the ability to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • Guava for Anemia: Anemia is caused by the decrease of iron in the blood. Indian children, especially girl children, 63.8 percent of the children affected by Anemia. Thus the World Health Organization warned people regarding Anemia. To overcome you should eat good and enriching fruits.
  • Children’s growth: Vitamin C, which is needed for the development of children, is high in nutritional Guava. Guava will strengthen the bones and muscles of children to grow healthy. Stronger teeth can be achieved with Guava. Guava has characteristics to cure Mange, scabies and other skin diseases. Guava plays a vital role in reducing the body heat.
  • Reducing cholesterol: High blood pressure, High cholesterol can be decreased by guava. According to the research of cardiovascular research institute in India, eating two Guava fruit daily will reduce the Cholesterol.
  • Heart palpitations are witnessed at many times. The body will sweat too much when the action occurs. Guava is capable of treating heart disease. It is good for people with heart palpitations to eat Guava Fruit.
Health Benefits Guava Tree Guava Fruit Guava Leaves -Guava Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth
Guava Fruit – Guava Tree – Guava Leaves

Guava Fruit (Koyya Palam)– The Perfect Remedy For Various Diseases

Guava is not only a fruit but also the best medicine for life. Many diseases and disorders can be cured with the help of Guavas. So, you should eat Guava at regular times and keep in mind to eat less. Every fruit has its own significance. Guava being a tropical fruit is truly a magical one. It is easily accessible in many parts of the world. Guava is the fruit we eat regularly in our day to day life. So, it is essential for us to know about the uses and benefits of Guava. I hope so you must have got some knowledge on the advantages of Guava and its vital properties. Eat Guava for a healthy life ahead.

Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves - Skin, Hair, Heart and Child’s Growth
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Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves - Skin, Hair, Heart and Child’s Growth
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