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Dravidian People languages Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Architecture - Ancient Temple Tower

Dravidian, the name of pride South Indian people sounds great to the world even today. Dravidians by themselves have an incomparable history which falls in the late centuries. Dravidians were the mighty rulers of great kingdoms covering most of the parts of India. Each feature of a true Dravidian showcases the livelihood of Indians in the past times. On the other hand, Dravidians are known to be the native language speakers of India. Especially, the languages of South India are considered as the languages of Dravidian. Herewith, you can go through the complete knowledge about the Dravidian people, Dravidian languages, Dravidian Architecture and also the ancient history of Dravidian dynasties. But the major problem rose was the degradation of Dravidian in the society by the white Indians. The issue was basically between the Aryans ( people of North India) and the Dravidians ( People of South India ). In this blog, you will find the reason behind the color discrimination in The Indian nation.

Dravidian – The Mighty people of Spectacular India

Dravidian is a single name which is assigned to broad categories of people. The name arose by taking into account different set of considerations. Those include the color, language, culture, tradition or nativity. But, In general, Dravidian is the name given to people belonging to India especially South India. Even though, Dravidian resides in many parts of the world their specialty lies in South India. Dravidians have several unique features and also are the specialist in multiple fields.

Dravidian People

From the ancient period, people with black color age termed as Dravidian people. Originally, Indian color is basically considered to be black. So, originated the name called Dravidian for the people of India. Most people in South India had a black complexion. On the contrary, people of North India were whitish in appearance. So, people in the whole of India cannot be called as Dravidian. As a solution, North Indians were given a name called Aryans and people of South India are named as Dravidian.

This happened very long years ago over centuries back. This, in turn, gave rise to a massive racism in India. Initially, Racism was introduced by the Europeans into India. Racism not only split Indian people but also the unity amongst them. Even now racial discrimination is practiced in many areas of the country of India.

Dravidian Language

In India, Dravidians are the people belonging to all the five regions of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Dravidians speak the native languages of South India which comprise of Tamil of Tamil Nadu, Malayalam of Kerala, Telugu of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. All the four states are popular as well as considered important among all the states of India and contribute more towards Indian economy. Each language has its own significance.

Dravidian People Culture Tradition Architecture and Dravidian languages Map

Firstly, Tamil if we take it is a special and a language of fame all over the world. Tamil people are also called to be the Adhi Dravidians. ‘Adhi’ means long years ago and ‘Dravidian’ means the people of South India. Thus the word ‘Adhi Dravidian’ indicate that they are the native residents of Tamil Nadu, India for many centuries. The following generations are also bought in the similar manner falling into the category of Dravidians. Likewise, all the native speakers of native languages of South India are named to be Dravidians because of their history of Nativity.

Dravidian Dynasty

Dravidian places of today are Dravidian dynasty includes the dynasties of various historical rulers of Dravidians. The popular rulers of that time are the three rules called as Cherar, Cholan, and Pandyan. These three rulers owned most of India and were the famous three Tamil Kings of Ancient times. The Dravidian states of today are owned and ruled by these three majestic kings. All the three have their own style of the dynasty and its own specialties.

Dravidian People languages Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Architecture - Ancient Temple Tower

Chera Dynasty

Cheras ruled the parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Cherar was a very dynamic king who ruled the Indian kingdom during the period between 3rd to 10th century. All the records of Cheran are enlisted in Sangam literature. Checovers the area near the Arabian coasts. Amongst all, Cheran Senguttuvan is one such famous king who conquered many places. He belongs to the early age period. Later, came the next generation Cheran and they were called to be the Kulashekaras. Cheras had extensive trade with the outside world and gained a lot of wealth.

Chola Dynasty

Cholas are one of the three Tamil kings of Kingdom. All the three kings were Hindu people. First one is Vijayalaya Chola. Chola dynasty extends for a longer range of lands. The kingdom covers a vast area comprising of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and most parts of South and South East Asia. Rajaraja Chola started the ruling of Dravidians and following him lined up his generational personalities. They are Rajendran Cholan, Rajadhiraja Cholan, Kulothunga Cholan, Veerarajendra Cholan. The long kingdom extended from Maldives to Andhra Pradesh. The growth of cholas was tremendously high. But every happening has an end. Likewise, Cholan dynasty began to Decline slowly with the emergence of Pandyas. Cholas went into decline by the 13th century.

Dravidian People languages Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Architecture - Grand Anicut Kallanai Dam

Pandya Dynasty

Pandyas were ruling Dravidians as well as Aryans. Over the centuries from 6th to 17th century, they Pandya rule was at a peak. The Strong kingdom was established by Pandyas all over the regions of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh. They had enormously super power both in terms of manpower and weapons. Among the rulers of Pandya dynasty rule, Nedunjezhiyan was very powerful and had extreme commanding capabilities.  With their army , Pandyas conquered most of the lands of South India. But they were also put into decline with the incoming of foreign traders into the country.

Apart from these three empowered empires, Pallavas, and many other kings ruled Indian society. But these three are the Dravidian kings of Asia.

Dravidian Architecture

Dravidian architecture is a peculiar kind of sculpting and chiseling out stones. All these architectural activities were found many centuries back. Even with the effective and efficient instruments and machinery of today, it is impossible to build the massive structures of old temples. Temples of South India is an apt example for explaining the Dravidian Architecture. The whole composition of matter consists of big hard rocks. Everything is made out of stone which is given a soul by the great sculptors. Sculptors are praised directly by the lord. They are capable of chiseling out the best of arts.

Dravidian People languages Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Architecture - Kannagi Kovalan Paintings Art

The basic structure is made of big towers which served to be the gateways for the devotees. There will be several steps in the towers with the openings at the bottom. It is called to be the Gopurams in Tamil. All the gopurams will have kalasams at the top arranged in a line.  Usually, there will be five kalasams in small temples and seven or nine in big temples. The inner side of the temple if we take will have compound walls, ground even made up of stones. Inside of the temples will be the so-called Mandapams which are used in those days for arranging functions and especially cultural activities like dance, songs, instrumental music concerts.

Temples , Pillars, Statues

Dravidian People languages Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Architecture -Maharishi Agastya Sculpture

The Mandapams will also have idols of god on the top of the ceiling. Many trees will also be at the temples. The mandapams will have pillars for withstanding the whole ceiling’s weight. Ashoka pillar is one of the famous pillars of Dravidian. Dravidian has this enriched talent by birth and also have extraordinary minds of projecting their ideas into beautiful arts and architecture. Some of the famous tourist places of Dravidian Architecture are Thanjavur Big temple and Madurai Meenakshi temple. Thanjavur (Tanjore) big temple called as the Prahadeeshwarar Temple is famous for its magnificent structure and carvings.

Dravidian People languages Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Architecture - Ancient Annamalaiyar Temple Thiruvannamalai

Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple has the thousand pillared mandapams and it is famous for its grand appearance. Not only the southern part of India has the unique architecture but also it exists in North India. In North India, Gwalior fort is one such notable place of Dravidian Architecture. Dravidian kings namely Cherar, Chola, Pandya, Pallava were fond of arts and architecture. All the kings of Dravidian nature had the great devotion to god. Hence, they showed their devotion and commitment to god with their majestic temples.

Dravidian Culture and Tradition

Dravidian culture is the conventional methodology followed in Southern parts of India. Ancient Dravidians had no rules and regulations for following. Then slowly as generations of time begin to run , the scene changed drastically. Then came the division of people according to caste, creed, race, region, occupation, etc. Following that person who are kings and other spiritual heads formulated certain regulations and made their people follow. Days began to run like a horse but the culture and tradition of Dravidians remained the Same.

Dravidian People languages Architecture - Dravidian Culture and Tradition - InfoGraphics

Starting from the clothing, eating habits, organizing of functions , every activity had its own nature. Firstly, clothing, Ladies used to wear sarees with long pallus made of cotton material. When it comes to Men, they wore dhotis with shirts. Even now if we consider  this is the dress code followed for any occasion. Next coming to the eating habits, in south India, Rice is the staple food. Dhal sambar with pappads and vegetable curries served in a banana leaf is the most common food cooked during a function. The highlight of the food is the side dish which is given namely vada and Payasam ( dessert-like the recipe).

All the regions of Dravidian culture, this food lies mandatory. Also, eating on banana leaf is really very good for health. Dravidian devotion to god is also shown in the same way in all the regions of Dravidian exposure. Wherever Dravidians stepped, they showed their innovative ideas through sculptures and idols.

Dravidian People languages Architecture Culture and Tradition - Dravidian Knowledges - Maritime Knowledge

Vedic History of Dravidians

Racial problems related to Dravidians was derived even from the Vedas which always teach well. According to Vedas, white indicates purity and dark indicate some impurity. But this is not the thing said to split humans but to create the difference between the god and the demons. Our people took this saying in a different manner and implemented it in people which made the way to racial discrimination. Thus called the Aryans to be good and of pure nature. Whereas Dravidians were betrayed only for their color.

Another form of historical data says that according to color, people were named and segregated although they were originally differentiated by their occupation. That is Brahmins were white, Kshatriyas as red and Vaishyas to be yellow. Even for gods colors were given,  for instance, Lord Krishna is blue which is considered to be a dark color. Similarly, if we take all the temples, the idols were made in black. But why are the gods are appreciated and praised whereas poor people were discouraged and put beside? This was the custom followed from ancient times till now. But with the development of d..

Why Were Dravidians Degraded?

Dravidians are the common people found in the southern part of India. India is a country of unity and diversity. There are various kinds of languages spoken, religious activities and customs practiced. But from the olden days till today, the color difference is the only thing which stands in front for having discrimination problems.
Dravidians are the people of the wealthy body, guts, and ambitious nature. Those times they were not given names for identification. Tamil kings who belong to Tamil Nadu state of South India ruled most of the lands of India.

Later, on account of belief, kings allowed Europeans inside their territories for trading purposes. They came in with new tradition and culture which covered Indian people. Slowly they started invading India and at last India was thoroughly got into their hands. That was the time when Europeans tried to clash Indian unity by different ideas. It was one of them.

Dravidians are the People who should be thought as a remembrance for their courage, manliness, and contribution. But Dravidians are not remembered for so reasons and that is because they are penalized for their color. Dravidian is the name given just to differentiate between people but later it changed to racial discrimination. It all happened after the entry of Europeans into India. Then slowly the situations changed due to the development in livelihood activities. At present, Dravidians are not put into the bad situation like before. Every individual is taken as the same and given equal respect. Irrespective of it there are places where blacks are degraded.

Dravidian – Courageous, eloquent and empowered People of India

Dravidian is just a name to the foreign countries but it is the breath for the South Indian People. The name still gives the pride while heard anywhere around the world. In ancient times, Dravidian acted as the backbone of the whole nation of India. Dravidians are the most important personalities who strived for the growth of India. Even though Dravidians went through several discouragements, they never gave up. Dravidians fought against all the critical situations and stood up in splendid appearance. The lands owned by the Dravidian kings and their rulings stands to be an unforgettable memory. The architecture of Dravidians is so marvelous that even today it is not possible to construct such wonderful temples. Dravidians are the symbol of pride and surprise factor of India. Proud to be a Dravidian, the living legends of India.

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Dravidian People, Languages, History, Culture, Architecture
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