Christmas Celebrations in India, History, Images

Christmas Celebrations in India Christmas History Christmas Images

Christmas Celebrations – Joyous Festival of Lord Jesus

Christmas, a day of Ultimate happiness to mankind, is a day on which holy Jesus Christ Birth on Earth happened. In Bethlehem, long before 2000 years, Jesus Christ was born to Virgin Mary. People all over the world celebrate Christmas from midnight of 24th December. The birth of Jesus Christ will be grandly celebrated and prayers will be continued on 25th December also. The holy night is dedicated to the Lord Jesus and the time is always remembered for his spiritual birth. Lord Jesus came to this world as a baby and lived as a savior of Humankind. He totally sacrificed his wishes and helped the whole world in a possible way. This is the best celebration of the world with love, peace, and joy. Christmas celebrations are generally based upon some themes and signs so as to bring Happiness to People. Let us now navigate through the History and Celebration of Christmas

Christmas Tree - Christmas Celebrations in India Christmas History Christmas Images

History of Christmas

Christmas is a traditional festival celebrated all over the world with Joy. The method of celebration varies from place to place but the reason for celebration is the same everywhere. It is celebrated in remembrance of Holy Jesus Christ birthday. Can you just imagine how a great God born to a normal woman on Earth? There is a wonderful history of Jesus’s birth.

Mary and Her Life on Earth with Joseph

Israelites were a certain group of people who waiting a long time for Messiah’s Birth. Messiah was said to be the king of Kings. In Israel, a Baptist called John was prophesying about Jesus Birth and baptized many believers of his sayings. This happened during the first century of BC period. Joseph, a good human lived in Nazareth was a carpenter and betrothed to the religious Mary. Mary was actually the daughter of Anne and Joachim. Gabriel who was known to be the God’s angel spoke to Mary about her miraculous Pregnancy. He also told that it will due to the power of Holy Spirit and not because of a human. On knowing this secret, Joseph decided to leave Mary. But, Gabriel convinced him and thereby he chose to live as a Foster father of Jesus from then on. During that period, King Herod ordered all the citizens to register for the census in their respective hometowns. For this purpose, both Joseph and Mary traveled their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

Almighty King’s Birth on Earth

On reaching Bethlehem, labor pain started for Mary and she was in need to give birth to Jesus. They both went in search of the house to give birth to Jesus, but they failed in that. At last, a good person offered shelter to them in his cattle shed for the delivery. The baby boy was born in that shed as a peasant amidst the goats and the cows. Angels of heaven proclaimed about the birth of Savior Jesus nearby living beings. On hearing the Birth news, some three Kings from the south came with their camels and guiding comet. The comet reached the palace of King Herod and the news was informed to the King. Herod got angry on hearing the news of a mighty Lord’s birth. And further, he confirmed the place of birth as Bethlehem with his scholars on dice.

He decided and planned to kill the baby Jesus. Herod insisted the visiting kings inform about the baby so that he could make himself ready to commit the sin. The Kings traveled their way with guiding comet to the place of Jesus birth.They found him in a manger with Mary and Joseph. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh were offered to them and also paid their homage. On that very night, they were informed not to go back to Herod by the God’s Angel. They were also informed about the plan to kill the baby. They obeyed the Holy angel and Changed the route to their place. Herod noticed that there was no response from the kings and so he killed all the babies below the age of two. The real fact was the angel of God told Joseph in advance about this cruel behavior and asked him to take both mother and baby to Egypt. They continued to stay there until Herod’s Death.

Christmas Celebrations Worldwide

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus birth with stars and lights all over. The initial preparation and decorations for Christmas will begin generally from early December days all round the world. In the United States, Christmas Shopping starts immediately after Thanksgiving day. It is nothing but the third Thursday of November. People decorate their homes with colorful stars and lights in depiction to the guiding comet light. The crib set made of special grasses, bamboo with toys like the cow, goat, camel, three kings, shepherds and even tiny statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and angel will be arranged.

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The whole setup will look like the real cattle shed where Jesus Christ was born. Decorated Beautiful Christmas trees with balls, lights and dolls will be present in every home and church before Christmas day. Days before Christmas, Church Carols will be moving from house to house by singing Christmas songs in chorus. This is actually done to commemorate the angels’ singing of Jesus’s Birth to the shepherds.

Christmas Celebration and Fireworks

When we say it’s Christmas, one bubbly person who comes to our mind is Santa Claus. It is usual to see Santa Claus, a very old man dressed in red color with a whitish beard, a cap, and a mustache. He used to move around with the Carol troupe. The main highlight is that he will greet everyone and offer sweets. This became a tradition in the later years, for Children’s Happiness. Even in schools and other public places like malls, offices, People dress like Santa Claus and present gifts to the people. Fireworks make the night sky glow with its sparkling colors every time you burst it. Crackers always play a vital role in every celebration. On 24th December, bang of Crackers will be heard at midnight in churches. Everyone will burst the fireworks to express their joy . The sound of crackers symbolizes the birth of Jesus. The kids will have complete excitement with sparklers and crackers all around. Following that, cake cutting will be done in house to express the joy. The Christmas day morning starts with yummy breakfast with delicious sweets and big lunch. The grand celebration also includes the distribution of cakes to families, friends, and neighbors with happy greetings. In recent days, many have started going to orphanages and old age homes to share their happiness with them by offering sweets and cakes. Christmas celebrations usually continue till New Year day.

Christmas – Celebration of the Birth of Holy Jesus on Earth

Human history divided into two with the birth of Jesus Christ. They are the period before Christ (BC) and the period after Christ (AD). Generally, Lord Jesus birth is celebrated as a day of Joy, Peace, and Prosperity all around the world. Christmas is one Big day on our Earth when the mighty creator came into this world as a savior to mankind. Christians are the ones who used to celebrate this festival in a grand manner. Nowadays, even other religion people have also started celebrating Christmas with fun. Jesus was born with admirable simplicity. He showed love to the poor, sinners and the downtrodden. Also, he healed their problems with ease. Jesus preached and led a very normal life like a human. He always wanted to follow his impeccable life and to love everyone. In this period, calls from Church will come to open our hearts and happily receive the baby Jesus on Earth. This is possible only with purity of heart and by giving love to others. Let us all celebrate this Happy Christmas with Love, Peace, and Joy. Wish You All Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Christmas Celebrations in India, History, Images
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Christmas Celebrations in India, History, Images
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