Akshaya Tritiya Date 2020 & Significance | Akha Teej 2020 and Significance

Akshaya Tritiya Significance - Akshaya Tritiya Date - Gold Coin

Akshaya Tritiya is a religious day of building up wealth. Not only the wealth but also the growth in life. Akshaya Tritiya is a day for a new start in any field. Most prominently on that day, People will buy Jewelry especially gold in order to increase their wealth. This practice is followed by default by most of the Indians. It is essential to know about our cultural conventional habits by everyone. Here, Dravidian explains you the need for celebrating Akshaya Tritiya. Also, adding to that the history and rituals of Akshaya Tritiya are briefly explained below. Donation of something to the needy is a beautiful thing. On Akshaya Tritiya day, it is very auspicious to donate several things to the poor. In this post, you will come through the donations which have to be done during Akshaya Tritiya. Of those donations, some are mandatory for life and will enhance the livelihood.

Akshaya Tritiya Date 2020 (Akha Teej  Date 2020)

When is Akshaya Tritiya 2020?  Akshaya Tritiya 2020 Date?

The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya fall on April 26th of 2020.  26 April 2020

Akshaya Tritiya Date 2020 (Akha Teej  Date 2020)

When is Akshaya Tritiya 2021? Akshaya Tritiya 2021 Date?

The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya fall on May 14th of 2021.  14 May 2021

Akshaya Trityai ( Akha Teej ) – Glorious day of Human

Akshaya Tritiya is a big auspicious day of Hinduism people and is celebrated all over India. Every year, the day of Akshaya Tritiya is observed on the third day of Shukla Paksha(bright fortnight). The event falls during the Hindu month of Vaishakha. Akshaya Tritiya is also grandly celebrated by the Jain people. People used to do poojas for goddess Lakshmi and for Lord Ganesha by presenting sweets. At Lord Shiva- Lord Vishnu Temple, on Akshaya Tritiya day, sacred abhishekam and Chandana kaapu (alangaaram) will be performed to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha for fulfilled happiness. The picturesque will be gorgeous to look at.

The word “Akshaya” means ‘never diminishing or everlasting’ in Sanskrit. It indirectly means that the day of Akshaya Tritiya is believed to bring good fortune and success for the future years. Especially, the wealth and prosperity are believed to grow abundantly for the people who start their new business on that day. People of yesterday as well as of today used to follow all the traditional customs regularly. With the growing years, people’s belief and mind tempts to change but their hereditary actions remain the same. Another important fact is that on the day of Akshaya Tritiya if a new work or venture is commenced it is believed to grow to great heights.

Akshaya Tritiya Significance - Akshaya Tritiya Date - Gold Coin
Akshaya Tritiya Significance – Akshaya Tritiya Date – Gold Coin

Parashurama Jayanthi also falls on the same day of Akshaya Tritiya on which Lord Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born. Special Darshans are arranged and Poojas are carried out at temples for Lord Vishnu in reverence by his devotees

History of Akshaya Tritiya and Legendary of Akshaya Tritiya

According to Hindu mythology, on Akshaya Tritiya day, the Treta Yuga is believed to had begun. It is on the same day, the holiest and sacred river of India – Ganges River descended to the earth from the heaven. The Sun and Moon are astrologically believed to be at their most exalted equal brightness on this day. The brightness is at its best on the west coast of India.

Akshaya Tritiya is the day on which Lord Parusurama who is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born. Puranas spoke about how he reclaimed the land from the sea which was a great adventurous happening. Goa and Konkan regions, even today, are referred to as Parusurama Kshetra because of the reclamation by Lord Parasuramar. In the Northern part of India, people dip themselves in the River Ganges and consider that to be lucky. People wholeheartedly pray for their growth and belongings. he , when it falls on a Monday or under Rohini Star Akshaya Tritiya day, gains more importance and auspiciousness. Rohini is the star of Lord Krishna who is a great warrior. Hence, people used to pray for Lord Vasudeva (Lord Krishna) with agricultural harvest grains.

Akshaya tritiya is the day on which it is believed that Ved Vyasa started to narrate a story to Lord Vinayakar. It was the narration of the great epic story. It was on this day of Akshaya Tritiya , Mahabharatham written copy was started. Consequently on the same day began the Golden era for the residents began. Another occurrence on Akshaya tritiya was the visit of Sudhama to Lord Krishna’s place. Sudhama is an old childhood friend of Lord Krishna who came for financial help. On seeing Sudhama, Lord Krishna was on cloud nine. He welcomed Sudhama with a very big smile on his face.

As a traditional behavior, Lord Krishna washed his friend’s feet and asked him about his arrival. Sudhama was very ashamed to ask him financial assistance. He can’t able to express anything and had a great inferior feeling. Also, Sudhama got grains in his hand for gifting his friend. But felt very shy to open it to him sighting his richness. Lord Krishna understood his feelings and he himself got the grains from Sudhama’s hand. Krishna felt the love and affection of his Sudhama.

Sudhama returned back home with embarrassment but as a shocking surprise he saw was a palace in front of him. His old hut turned into a beautiful big palace. Lord Krishna addressed his love by offering a big gift to Sudhama in return for his care and friendship. This is a wonderful incident from which importance of Akshaya Tritiya is given to material wealth and grains. People hence go to jewelry for buying gold ornaments. Gold is one of the worthy metal which is respected next to god and have hence it is also presented for gods and goddesses . it is that much precious. Thus, it is believed that buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya will enhance their richness.

Facts According to Astrology

According to ‘Jyotidam’- the ancient Indian system of astronomy and astrology, the entire Akshaya Tritiya day itself is auspicious. People used to see auspiciousness generally for a new beginning. But there is no need to look for an auspicious time on Akshaya Tritiya that is no ‘muhurtham’ required on this day. This is the only day in any year when the Sun which is the lord of the planets and Moon which is the lord of creativity are in exhilaration meaning at their peak of radiance. Hindu calendar will not miss out the day of Akshaya Tritiya and it occurs with every year. During the month of vaishaakh, the sun is in the Mesha (Aries), the first sign of the zodiac, where it is in an exalted or most powerful position to give benefits and a comparative moon is also equally powerful. This combination of the planetary energies is believed to generate profusion whereby any auspicious act commenced on this day leads to a continued growth of beneficial results throughout the year. Astrologically this is extremely auspicious. That also makes this day one of the most popular dates in Hindu calendar for marriages and partnerships. Everlasting means also for the new relationship to last long forever.

Akshaya Tritiya Rituals and Poojas

Akshaya Tritiya is a great day of growth and wealth. Special and grand poojas for god and many rituals will proceed for showing devotion to god. Individually rituals will be done for the gods and goddesses. Extraordinary arrangements will be made for the Lord Parashuramar (Lord Vishnu) Parashuramar is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that on Akshaya Tritiya , Lord Vishnu turned into one of his incarnation into Lord Parashuramar. Hence, the day of Akshaya Tritiya is also known as Parashurama Jayanthi (Birthday of Parashuramar).  Lord Vishnu is the god of enormous success and he floods people with his blessings. Lots of abishekham and alangaaram will be done to Lord Parasuramar on Akshaya Tritiya. Special rituals for Lord Vishnu will be done with beautiful decoration of the Lord.

Goddess Lakshmi on Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya Significance - Akshaya Tritiya Date - Goddess Lakshmi Pooja
Akshaya Tritiya Significance – Akshaya Tritiya Date – Goddess Lakshmi Pooja

Goddess Lakshmi is the god of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that praying to Goddess Lakshmi is one of the most important activities on Akshaya Tritiya. People present lots of offerings before god and after worship will give away to all the devotees in the name of ‘prasadham’.

Lord Vinayakar on Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya Significance - Akshaya Tritiya Date - Lord Vinayaka Pooja
Akshaya Tritiya Significance – Akshaya Tritiya Date – Lord Vinayaka Pooja

Lord Ganesha or Lord Vinayagar is worshipped as the first god to be worshipped and he will be residing first in the temple. There will be a separate shrine for Lord Vinayagar for worship.

Mother Earth (Booma devi) on Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya Significance - Akshaya Tritiya Date - Mother Earth Pooja
Akshaya Tritiya Significance – Akshaya Tritiya Date – Mother Earth Pooja

On Akshaya Tritiya, importance is also given to the paddy and other agricultural products. Grains grow in fields of land. Our Mother Earth is providing all the health and wealth of the crop sown. Also, we are injuring Mother Earth by digging in and out. Hence, it is obvious to thank Mother Earth for affording people with best grown healthy crops.

Cow Pooja on Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya Significance - Akshaya Tritiya Date - Cow Pooja
Akshaya Tritiya Significance – Akshaya Tritiya Date – Cow Pooja

Cow pooja is done for the cows. The cow is also called to be the ‘Mahalakshmi’ since it offers milk to the people. It is also one of the vaahana(vehicle) of god. The cow is also called as ‘Komaadha’ which means it as the mother for humans. Cow is always worshiped next to god for its abundant offering to human. It has been providing all the dairy products for human loving. Akshaya Tritiya is the day of growth and prosperity and so cow pooja is necessary for praising the cow.

Apart from this, elephant pooja will be conducted in reference to Live rd Ganesha. This is because of the resemblance of Lord Ganesha. Every pooja and ritual done are a highly spiritual growth of activity.

Proceeding and Spiritual Significance of Akshaya Tritiya

The auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya fall on May 9th of this year 2016. Akshaya Tritiya is a day of growth and so it is started with a prayer to god. Many rituals will be taking place at most in all the temples in India. Main pooja is done to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu for their mighty blessing. People at home can pray to god by singing spiritual songs and also read slogans for god. The ritual is called to be Madhusudhana ritual which contains thulasi leaf, Betel leaf along with bananas and agarbathis are presented before god. People pray for giving lots of growth financially as well as mentally.

There are many ways by which Akshaya Tritiya can be celebrated. It depends on our own wish to choose what to do. But whatever you do, you should do it with involvement and full exuberance. During Akshaya Tritiya day, there are few necessary actions to be done as a tradition and here are there for your view.

• Begin with a family or public activity
People at work can do the Pooja at their office in reference to god. Also, for those who are willing to start a new work or job, Akshaya Tritiya is the perfect day. No day in the whole year is so auspicious like Akshaya Tritiya. One can confidently invest in any venture for a beautiful future. Akshaya Tritiya is known for its best auspiciousness. Similarly any function like marriages or engagements can be arranged on Akshaya Tritiya for family welfare and growth. Not only that any kind of beneficial as well as good doing activity can have proceeded on Akshaya Tritiya.

• Participation in spiritual acts
Several spiritual activities will be conducted in temples itself. Or else separate programs like Satsang will be arranged for people to participate with full josh. It is really a fortune for people to participate in spiritual programs. In Tamil, people used to say “Iyal Isai Nadagam” which means singing, dancing, and acting. It is believed that when we show our belief and devotion to god through our traditional songs, dance and act, god will shower his blessings instantly.

• Visit sacred and holy places of worship
Temples are the sacred places for providing peace and blessing. During Akshaya Tritiya, special poojas, and darshans are arranged in big temples for the devotees. The main ritual is for Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Next pooja will be for Lord Parashurama or Lord Vishnu who is a great protector for all the people. Before both the rituals commence, Lord Vinayakar is worshipped for his strong blessings.

• Present to seek blessings
The blessing is not got for money it should come from within the heart. Only if we do good we receive well. During a very good a day like Akshaya Tritiya, it is obvious for everyone to get blessings from elders. Whatever being presented to god can be offered to neighbours and can get blessings from them. If you are a student or child, you can get blessings from your parents and teachers. Teachers are like second parents and so it is most important to get blessings from them also on Akshaya Tritiya. Every blessing has its special value and importance.

• Give donations (Daanam)
Giving is more valuable and affords more happiness than receiving. Punya will be accomplished by offering something to others. Different kinds of donations can be given.

• Purchase of properties
Many of them buy new properties and other belongings. Akshaya Tritiya is the best day for purchasing lands and other valuable properties. One can invest with full belief for attaining ever shining success in life.

Donations (Daanam) on Akshaya Tritiya

Donating something to others is greater than godliness. Akshaya Tritiya is a Wonderful day during

Vastra Daanam on Akshaya Tritiya

‘Vasthram’ means clothing. Vasthra dhaanam hence refers to offering clothes to the needy people. There are lots of orphanages all around. You can donate your used and unused clothes to them. It would be good if you donate new ones to them.

Jala Daanam on Akshaya Tritiya

‘Jalam’ means water and giving water to Brahmins is a customary action followed. Jala Daanam is not given by everyone. Those who are traditionally doing it will continue every year on Akshaya Tritiya along with some donation of money.

Paadha Raksha Daanam on Akshaya Tritiya

Paadha Raksha means footwear and in this case, footwear is given to those who are in need. It is believed that this doing will give lots of enrichment in life.

Chatra Daanam on Akshaya Tritiya

Chatra means umbrella and offering an umbrella to the people removes bad happenings in one’s life.

Vennai (butter) Daanam on Akshaya Tritiya

Butter is given as donation for attaining good status and knowledge in life.

Kumkum Daanam on Akshaya Tritiya

Kumkum donation is done by ladies for getting a longer lifetime for their husbands. Also, this donation is for growth in life.

Kumba Dhaanam on Akshaya Tritiya

In a big decorated kumbam(vessel) made of bronze or silver, lots of grains with water is given in addition to betel nuts, tulasi leaves, saffron, etc. This customary action is done on Akshaya tritiya in order to get a good life partner for life or for getting a child.

Chandana Dhaanam on Akshaya Tritiya

Chandanam is nothing but sandalwood and it gives out sweet smelling fragrance. This donation is done to protect the donor from evil happenings.

Other than the above-mentioned donations, pulses and grains can be given as a donation. All these donations will only increase the growth of wealth and prosperity in your home. These are not only for the growth of wealth but also, it satisfies many poor people’s stomachs as well as the heart. People used to say in olden days that if we offer something to eat for anyone even if they didn’t thank us their stomach will bless us. This is a true fact.

On the whole Akshaya Tritiya is a best auspicious day for starting a new venture or work investment. Akshaya Tritiya will bring only success in life. Thank God for all his blessings, Pray for all good happenings on Akshaya Tritiya day.

Akshaya Tritiya – Magnificent day for availing enormous growth

Akshaya Tritiya, a day dedicated to the God Vishnu as well as for Lord Vinayaga. The day symbolizes the good fortune and created lot of Positive in Human. Only a positive attitude will take you miles. In that way, during Akshaya Tritiya, all the positive feelings come together and will show you the real prosperity. God is within us and Akshaya Tritiya is a day to bring him out of yourself.

Each and Everything happens for good and is decided by god. Pray god and get betterment in life. Wish you a very happy Akshaya Tritiya.


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