Aadi Pooram Pooja – Aadi Pooram Festival – Aandal Jayanthi

Aadi Pooram Pooja, Aadi Pooram Festival, Aandal Jayanthi

Aadi Pooram or Aandal Jayanthi is dedicated to Aandal, wife of Lord Ranganathar. The marriage between Aandal and Lord Ranganathar is portrayed during this festival. The famous Aandal temple in Tamil Nadu is at Srivilliputhur. In Srivilliputhur, this festival called Aadi Pooram is celebrated in a very grand manner. Herewith, in Dravidian‘s page, you could find the history of celebrating Aandal Jayanthi or Aadi Pooram festival. Also, you can gain familiarity on how to celebrate the event of Aadi Pooram. Scroll down to get the better of knowledge on Aadi festival.

Aadi Pooram – a Religious Celebration of Spiritual Wedding

Aadi Pooram is a famous festival celebrated by Hindu people during the Month of Aadi. Aadi Month falls in between July and August. The whole festival is considered to be an auspicious occasion because Aadi Pooram is the birthday of Goddess Aandal. It is the day at which she became a human on Earth and on that day the star was ‘Pooram’. Pooram is one of the 27 stars of  Tamil Astrology. Generally, according to Hindu custom and tradition, astrological thinkings are considered for a new start.  Aadi Pooram is one such day with best astrological moments.

Aadi Pooram is mostly celebrated by the Tamil natives in a grand manner. Aadi Pooram is celebrated in all the Lord Vishnu Temples inside of Tamil Nadu. Aandal is known for its residence at Srivilliputhur in Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu. Every year during Aadi month, people used to arrange for a very big festival which lasts for about ten days. All the ten days there will be several amusement activities and events will be conducted. Aadi Pooram is also called as ‘Aandal Jayanthi’ since the main deity is Aandal.

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Story of Aandal

Aandal is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and it is believed that she landed on Earth on That day. Goddess Lakshmi’s consort is Lord Vishnu who is a great lord with richness. As a human on Earth, she became a great devotee at an early age itself. At first, when she appeared on Earth, she was witnessed by Periyalvar, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. At that time, she was standing nearby Tulsi or basil  plant. From then on she was brought up by Periyalvar. She showed her utmost devotion to god through her activities. Aandal used to pull out flowers from the garden and do Poojas to Lord Ranganathar ( a form of Lord Vishnu).  She was very sincere with her prayers and all that were made through beautiful songs.

Those songs were splendid enough to bring God to Earth. She uses to Sing Songs of Lord Vishnu which is called to be the Paashurams. After she got matured she fell in Love with Lord Ranganathar and wanted to marry him. Here is an incident of her craze on Lord Ranganathar. Once she made a flower garland as she does daily and wore it on the idol of Lord Ranganathar. She felt herself be his wife and hence she removed from the idol. Within few seconds the garland was around Aandal’s neck. Seeing this Periyalvar got angry and advised her not to do so. After a few years when she was mature enough to marry, She got really tied up with Lord Ranganathar because of her sincere and serious devotion to Lord. That day is called as ‘Thirukalyanam’ in the south of Tamil Nadu.

Aadi Pooram is a day of nourishment and goodness. On that day, people of Tamil Nadu celebrate anonymously in one’s own style. In Srivilliputhur Aandal Temple, the festival called Aadi Pooram will be celebrated for 10 days and the last day is called as ‘Thirukalyanam’. It is because it is the day of the wedding of Lord Ranganathar and Aandal. A great marriage ceremony will be taking place at Aandal temple at Srivilliputhur. Aadi Pooram festival is extremely a tremendous crowd gathering event with abundant joy. Same like in Srivilliputhur, Lord Ranganathar is famous in Srirangam of  Trichy district in Tamil Nadu. In that temple also, people rejoice with absolute happiness and joy.

Aadi Pooram Pooja Aadi Pooram Festival Aandal Jayanthi - Ranganathar Aandal

How to Celebrate Aadi Pooram at Home

Since Aadi Pooram festival is a historical event, many outcomes will migrate to Aandal temple as well as Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple to enjoy the day. The above is the case which illustrates the happenings at Temples. On the other hand, the scenario is different. It is not possible for all the people of Tamil Nadu to attend the occasion. So, that kind of people will celebrate Aadi Pooram at home itself. Everyone at home takes hair bath and women at home prepare the food for god. The food items include sweets as well as snacks. After the preparation of sweets, it is presented before Goddess Lakshmi in order to offer a good wealthy life.

Aadi Pooram Pooja Aadi Pooram Festival Aandal Jayanthi - Aandal Pallaku
Aadi Pooram is a real time marriage ceremony of Lord Ranganathar and Goddess Aandal. Aadi Pooram is an auspicious festival of high cultural importance. Many offerings will be presented on the day of Aadi Pooram to the god. All the presents including the flowers will be given to the devotees as ‘Prasadham’. Every decoration is made out of devotees’ donation. In every Hindu festival, a separate event called ‘Annadhanam’ will take place which literally means the donation of food. Similarly, in temples, many devotees come forward to donate money for that peculiar event. Aadi Pooram is a lively kind of festival celebration with fun as well as cultural happiness all around.

Aandal Jayanthi – Exclusive Marriage Ceremony of Gods

Aandal Jayanthi is a key celebration during Aadi month. It is celebrated only in Tamil Nadu. The historical importance of Aandal’s marriage makes it possible to celebrate in Tamil Nadu. The marriage between Goddess Aandal and Lord Ranganathar is shown directly every year during Aadi time. It will be really a fun filled celebration and also joyful to watch. Throughout in Tamil Nadu, all the temples containing Perumal and Aandal will expose the marriage ceremony. You can even see it if you could be there to Lord Perumal Temple during Aadi month.

Aadi Pooram Pooja - Aadi Pooram Festival - Aandal Jayanthi
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