Aadi Perukku 2020 – Aadi 18 2020 Date – Pathinettam Perukku – Aadi Amavasai

Aadi Perukku Pathinettam Perukku Aadi 18 Aadi Pooram Aadi Amavasai Riverside AgalVilakku Ligting

Aadi Perukku is a day dedicated to the God of Nature. The main theme of celebrating such a wonderful day is to enrich and please our Mother Nature. It is all done as a part of prayer so as to increase the wealth of nature. Aadi Perukku, the name itself signifies the glorifying of nature’s gifts during Aadi month. Here, Dravidian explains you the meaning of celebrating Aadi Perukku festival, celebration procedures, rituals to be done and the ultimate significance. This post will surely help you a find a better way of celebrating Aadi Perukku.

Aadi Perukku 2020 Date – Aadi 18 2020 Date – Aadi Pournami 2020 Date

Aadi Perukku - Aadi 1802 August 2020

Aadi Perukku – Day of Blooming Nature’s Wealth

Aadi Perukku is an auspicious occasion occurring at 18th day of Tamil Month Aadi.  Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated mainly in Tamil Nadu. Aadi is a special month for Tamil people and is especially a dedicated for God of nature. Aadi is a month of monsoon start and it is a right time for initiating Harvest. To welcome monsoon and for its priceless blessing on earth, people celebrate the traditional festival called Aadi Perukku. Aadi Perukku falls on the 18th day of Aadi month and hence it is also termed as ‘Pathinettam Perukku‘. ‘Perukku’ is a Tamil word meaning ‘rising or increasing’. Aadi Pooram also celebrated on this Month.

The name of the festival itself indicates that Aadi Perukku is conducted so as to increase the wealth of nature. Goddesses of water are worshiped in order to bless people with ample amount of water for a rich harvest. In this year Aadi Perukku falls on August 2nd. Aadi Perukku is famous in southern areas of Tamil Nadu namely Madurai, Trichy, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam and so on districts. Aadi Perukku has its own festive importance and mannerism of celebration. Mostly, Aadi Perukku is commenced near river bodies like Kaveri, Vaigai, etc to show the devotion to Goddess of holy Rivers. In order to get endless growth, peace, wealth and prosperity, Aadi Perukku is celebrated by Tamil people.

Aadi Perukku Pathinettam Perukku Aadi 18 Aadi Pooram Aadi Amavasai Godess Nature

Aadi Perukku celebration

Aadi Perukku is a very beautiful festival celebrated to show devotion towards nature. Everyone loves nature and nature is a gift of god. It is the duty for everyone to respect and preserve nature. Pancha Boothangal (Panja Bootham) what we call to be the five elements of nature. Those five elements include Water, Air, fire , Land, and Sky. A human cannot survive on Earth without even one element. Out of all, water is very much important to live on Earth. Water resides in the earth in the form of Rivera, lakes, sea, ocean and so on.

Aadi Perukku Pathinettam Perukku Aadi 18 Aadi Pooram Aadi Amavasai Riverside AgalVilakku Ligting

Aadi is a month totally dedicated to the god.Many festive activities will be carried out in many parts of Tamil Nadu. Both in small and big temples grand celebrations will be taking place during the whole month of Aadi. Many will make a drink called ‘koozh’ during the Aadi month and share it with the neighborhood after presenting to God. This all happens during the Friday of Aadi. Aadi Perukku plays a vital role amongst all other festivals in Aadi. During Aadi Perukku, people use to worship god side by river banks and sea. They will present their sweets and other recipes to god so as to show their devotion. This is how it is celebrated in downsides. People of about hundreds will.move and pray for giving rich wealth and prosperity.

Aadi Perukku Ritual

Goddess Lakshmi is the main goddess praised during Aadi Perukku. In river sides , all the Goddess of water namely Kaveri, Vaigai, etc, are worshiped with full faith in order to get blessed with plenty water. In the similar way how water is considered as important , money is also important. No one hates money and every individual is moving around in search of money on Earth. That is how money has changed the life. In order to welcome more money to home and to be blessed with abundant wealth and prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi is praised.

During the day of Aadi Perukku, the idol of Goddess Lakshmi is kept in the middle of the house and decorated with the flower garland, kumkum, and sandhanam. Fruits like orange, apple, grapes, plums, mango, banana, wood apple, guava are kept in front. Along with this, a small sombu(pot like utensil) is kept and on top if it coconut will be placed. A yellow rope will be tied in a zig-zag manner around that sombu. Coconut will be kept on that sombu along with mango leaves.

Aadi Perukku Recipes – Aadi Pathinettam Perukku Recipes – Aadi Perukku Padayal

Then coming to the recipes of Aadi Perukku. Variety rice like coconut rice, Puliyogare, lemon rice and curd rice will be cooked and vada will be made. In some homes they will leave with variety rice itself and in many cases full meals will be served along with Payasam(drink). Full meal literally means rice, sambar, vegetable curry and fry, Rasam, yogurt, vada, and Payasam. A yellow thread will be rolled in turmeric and kept with dishes. Special ritual Pooja will have to be done for Lakshmi god to give a healthy and wealthy life.

All the mantras will be read and while reading out that one needs to put flowers at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi. This is done to show that everyone is under her feet and she has to take care of everything. All the family members have to sit around the idol to get blessed fairly from Aadi Perukku. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi and her consort Lord Vishnu bless everyone with the tremendous amount of wealth. Both loves to give uncountable blessings to their devotees.

Both can bestow abundance in the forms of nature, wealth, fertility, courage, education, children and more.

Aadi Perukku is one of the finest moments to praise Goddess Lakshmi. After praying with poojas , the yellow thread is tied in hands. The thread needs to remain in hands for three days after Aadi Perukku. After which it can be removed from hands. Aadi Perukku is celebrated to enhance our growth in life.

Significance of Aadi Perukku

Aadi Perukku is a famous festival only in Tamil Nadu. But Tamilians in all around the globe celebrate Aadi Perukku every year. The major significance of Aadi Perukku is ‘Thaali Pirithal’. It is nothing but the custom of Hindu religion. During Marriage, bridegroom ties a yellow rope to the bride. That rope is the evidence of a marriage. That rope will be changed to the chain after some time from the day of marriage on a good day. This happening is called to be ‘Thaali Pirithal’. Aadi Perukku is a very good day for doing such an auspicious tradition. Newly married couple goes to the temple and do this custom or do it at home itself.
Another significance is the planetary positions of this day. It actually makes to be an added value in such a way that improves the inner ability and provides with positive thoughts. Also, it is the day where people can get the mighty god’s powerful blessing. On August 2nd, the Moon will traverse Pushya, the star of nourishment so as to comfort people. Pushya star is ruled by Saturn or Karmic planet which is considered as one of the symbolic representations of Pushya star. It is the cow’s udder which can be related to Kamadhenu which is the holy cow satisfying wishes. This is done in order to increase fertility. India mainly depends on agriculture and it is the main occupation of our country. Aadi Perukku is also an ideal function in augmentation of fertility.

Aadi Perukku – Hope of New Start and Good Happenings

Aadi Perukku is an auspicious festival and a very good day for any start. A new beginning starts with Aadi Perukku. This year, 2020 has a special event called Guru Peyarchi occurring along with Aadi Perukku. Guru Peyarchi actually indicates the movement of planets. Hence this year would be a fantastic year for all the human since the planet positions are good. All the planets are placed in such a way that it is so auspicious. The above are the facts according to astrology. In village sides, Aadi Perukku will be celebrated in a grand manner so as to create happiness. Aadi Perukku, on the whole, is a growth giving day.

Aadi Perukku Pathinettam Perukku Aadi 18 Aadi Pooram Aadi Amavasai Mulaipari

Aadi Perukku – Growth of Mother Nature

Our Mother Nature is very precious and needs to be maintained properly. It completely depends on us to waste it or use it. The improvement of our nation depends on how we maintain our surroundings. Aadi Perukku is one such festival giving out the best of pleasure to the Nature god by us. Aadi Perukku day is also a very good fortune day for a good start. Once you get into a job on that day, you will surely meet with best results. On the whole, Aadi Perukku is said to bring only goodness to man’s life.

Aadi Perukku 2020 - Aadi 18 2020 Date - Pathinettam Perukku - Aadi Amavasai
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