• Sitaphal or Sitafal, Seethapalam aka Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women

    Seethapalam, Sitaphal aka Sitafal – Custard Apple Benefits For Good Health

    Generally, Fruits are rich in antioxidants; vitamins, magnesium, Potassium and other miscellaneous nutrients. Custard Apple (Sugar Apple) is one amazing fruit with ultimate medicinal characteristics and benefits for life. Custard apple has calories of about 94 calories for every 100 grams. It is a healthy and a tasty fruit. Custard apple is very good for human health and produces good results on usage. Uses of custard apple are very high and natural beneficial. Herewith, you are going to explore the Custard Apple Health Benefits, Medicinal Benefits, and natural uses, benefits for diabetes, heart, pregnancy and babies.
    Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits Heart Skin
    Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits Heart Skin
    Other Names of custard apple are as follows: Custard apple is known by different names in different areas. It is necessary for us to know about the different names of custard apple. They are as follows: Custard apple in Tamil – Seethapazham Custard apple in Hindi – Shareepha Custard apple in Telugu – Sitaphalam Custard apple in Marathi – Sitaphala

    Custard Apple – Medicine of Many Diseases

    Custard Apple is a vital medicine in curing Blood Pressure of human. There are several benefits which are hidden in one single fruit. Read below to discover all the Custard apple benefits and health advantages of Custard Apple.
    • Custard apples don’t look like a normal fruit but have significant features. Especially, the flesh of the fruit will taste delicious. In Custard Apple, Vitamin C and other vital antioxidants are found in large quantity. You can eat the fruit as such or can drink it as a milkshake or smoothie. If you don’t like milk, then you can very well eat this fruit to attain all the essential benefits of milk.
    • Healthy hair and Shiny skin is another gift of custard apple to us. Eating custard apple will help your skin to glow and makes you have healthy hair. This is, because, custard apple is rich in Vitamin A. That vitamin will treat the scalp and also moisturizes the skin. So, whenever you get time, try to eat custard apple to meet the benefits.
    • Healthy weight can be achieved by Custard Apple. Are you a person of a kind who wants to increase weight? Then custard apple is a perfect solution. Custard apple can be grinded, mixed with honey and should be drunk regularly. The high calories in that mixture will help you gain weight easily.
    • Custard apple for Pregnancy: Pregnant ladies should eat custard apple for the enhancement in fetus growth. Eating custard apple will help to strengthen the brain, nervous system and immune system. Added to that, this fruit prevents from abortion and heavy labor pain during childbirth.
    • Prevents Asthma: In Custard apple, due to the presence of vitamin B content, the wounds in windpipes can be cured. Also, custard apple is best suited for Asthma.
    • Heart Attack: Magnesium is present highly in Custard apple. That will help in preventing from heart attack dangers. Also, it helps in muscle relaxation and reduces the possibility of heart problems.
    • Enhances Digestion: In Custard apple, Copper and fiber nutrients are present in large amounts and thus helps indigestion. Continuous consuming of custard apple will help us to recover from constipation.
    • Blood Pressure: Potassium and Magnesium rich Custard apple controls the blood pressure. If you have fluctuations in blood pressure, custard apple is a perfect medicine to maintain it.
    Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits For Heart
    Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits For Heart

    Custard Apple Benefits For Heart

    The suitable fruit for the heart is Custard Apple. Cures Tuberculosis, and enhances chillness in the body. Custard Apple cures intestine wounds and avoids laziness. You can make a geer with custard apple and milk to taste a refreshing delight. Custard apple will help to secrete high amount of blood in the human body and also increases brain power. Nutrients in 100 grams of Custard Apple
    • Proteins – 1.6 Gram
    • Fiber Nutrients – 3.1 Gram
    • Starch – 23.5 Gram
    • Fat – 0.3 Gram
    • Calcium – 17 Milligram
    • Phosphorous – 47 Milligram
    • Iron content – 1.5 Milligram
    • Magnesium – 48 Milligram
    • Potassium – 34 Milligram
    • Copper – 0.52 mg
    • Chlorine – 3.7 milligram
    • Thiamine – 007 Milligram
    • Riboflavin – 0.20 Milligram
    • Niacin – 1.3 Milligram
    • Vitamin C – 37 Milligram
    • Oxalic acid – 1.3 Milligram
    Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits
    Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits

    Health Benefits of Custard Apple

    The extraordinary nutrients in custard apple strengthen the heart. Custard apple prevents the heart related problems and that is clinically proven in American Research Laboratory. Some of the other health benefits are listed below
    • Custard apple is able to cure tuberculosis at the initial stage itself. If the people at the medium stage of tuberculosis eat custard apple, it will control the severity of the disease.
    • Heavy Thirst during summer can be cured by drinking Custard apple juice. Also, it avoids the diseases of summer and enhances the chillness of the body.
    • Custard apple is good for those who undergo surgery because it will cure all the wounds of the operation.
    • Constipation can be completely cured by Custard apple.
    • People with urinary problems can eat custard apple to urinate easily without any heat.
    • Unwanted cholesterol can be reduced if you eat custard apple continuously.
    • Custard apple will increase blood circulation and also treats Anemia. The glucose in this fruit will reduce laziness and enhances active nature of you.
    • Add ginger juice and jaggery to custard apple mixture and eat it to avoid unnecessary body heat.
    • Every night before you go to sleep, have one custard apple and 2 dates to get a good sleep. Those who suffer from sleeping problems should practice it to get good results.
    • Cramps will be cured completely by custard apple and also will help to enhance muscle functioning.
    • Dry skinned people can take custard apple on a regular basis to have a perfect glow. Also, the Vitamin C present in this fruit will prevent from catching the cold and also capable of curing it.
    • Cholesterol can be prevented from storage in our body by eating a mixture of turmeric and custard apple. Added to that, saffron with custard apple will help to build up immunity power within the body.
    • If you have any mosaic patches on the skin, just apply the grinded paste of white garlic and custard apple juice to get rid of that.
    Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Benefits
    Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Benefits

    Custard Apple for Memory Power

    Among all the fruits, custard apple has the unique smell and taste. Every Part of custard apple has its own uses. The Skin, seed, and bark of custard apple contain rare medicinal characteristics. In custard apple, sufficient amount of glucose and sucrose are present. Hence, the custard apple fruit can able to give the good taste of sugar. Custard apple juice is used as the best tonic in Ayurvedic treatment. Custard apple makes to generate more blood and thus will strengthen our body. Nutrients in Custard Apple In custard apple, Vitamin C and calcium are present in large amounts along with water nutrients. Apart from that, Custard apple fruit contains Carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals, dietary fiber, phosphorus and Iron in sufficient amounts. Custard Apple fruit for Diabetes The leaves of Custard apple tree have amazing medicinal benefits. The juice of the custard apple tree leaves can cure dysentery problems. Custard apple tree and the leaves are very useful to mankind. The roots of custard apple can prevent from abortions of pregnancy. Diabetes can be cured by the custard apple fruit. Custard apple cures Pimples Mix the custard apple juice along with some salt and apply it on the swellings of pimples. The swelling gets ripen and break easily to release the water. Custard apple leaves will heal the wounds very soon.
    Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple
    Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple

    Custard apple Glows the Skin and Hair

    To have a glowing skin, here is a simple procedure. Mix the custard apple seed powder, green gram powder and apply it on the head. Just wash the hair and you will get rid of lies to get a beautiful hair. Also, you can apply the roasted gram powder, lemon juice, and custard apple seed powder and take bath to get a silky hair. This will also reduce the hair fall at a greater rate. Fenugreek, Greengram should be left soaked for a night. After that in the morning, custard apple seed powder needs to be mixed with that mixture and apply it on the scalp and let it be there for some time. After some time, wash the hair to remove dandruff from the head. For having a glowing skin, custard apple seed powder is playing a major role. Make the tea from the seed powder and drink it to increase your enthusiasm and bone strength.
    Sitaphal - Sitafal - Seethapalam - Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women
    Sitaphal – Sitafal – Seethapalam – Custard Apple Health Benefits For men and women

    Custard Apple Health Benefits

    Custard apple is good for bone, heart, and muscles. Children should take custard apple to grow healthy teeth and to strengthen their bones. If you continuously consume custard apple it will strengthen the heart muscles. Asthma and tuberculosis will be cured by custard apple. The memory power for children can be developed by custard apple. The wine produced by custard apple is seemed to contain medicinal benefits.

    Custard Apple – A Natural Gift with Extraordinary Benefits

    On the whole, Custard apple (Seethapalam) is a fruit with high calories and best benefits. Not only the custard apple fruit is useful but also the Custard apple tree, leaves and bark are useful. Custard apple is also called as the sugar apple. The information about custard apple is very interesting and surprising to hear. Custard apple juice is the best tonic for health patients. Pregnant ladies and cancer patients can consume custard apple to meet with miraculous changes. Many people don’t know what a custard apple is. It is essential for every human to know about what they eat. Custard apple is one good fruit for good health. Eat healthy to have a fortune-filled the life.
  • Avocado Nutrition Facts – Butter Fruit Health Benefits – Best Medicine for Cancer

    Avocado Health Benefits – Butter Fruit Health Benefits – Best Medicine for Cancer

    Butter Fruit Health Benefits - Avocado Nutrition Facts
    Butter Fruit Health Benefits – Avocado Nutrition Facts
    Avocado or the Butter fruit is a fruit which is native to the place called Central Mexico. Avocados are grown in areas with Mediterranean and tropical climates all over the world. Avocado is either egg or Pear-shaped fruit containing a big seed within it. Avocado is a valuable and also a medicinal fruit. Avocado provides more than 20 essential nutrients, including Potassium, Folic acid, fiber, Vitamins B and Vitamin E. Avocado is available in almost all the places of the world now. But many are unaware of its real facts and benefits. Avocado has many advantages and extraordinary goodness. Are you interested in knowing more about the amazing fruit called Avocado? Scroll down to know the health benefits of Avocado, its advantage for men, women, and Children. This post will surely be a perfect guide for you to know about the Avocado in detail.
    Avocado Nutrition Facts - Butter Fruit Health Benefits
    Avocado Nutrition Facts – Butter Fruit Health Benefits

    Benefits of Avocado for Health of Men, Women, and Children

    The green colored butter fruit has tremendous unknown benefits and health facts. Here are some of the best benefits of Avocado given to enhance your knowledge. Just go through and follow to meet the results.
    Butter Fruit aka Avocado Nutrition Facts Calories - Guacamole Recipe
    Butter Fruit aka Avocado Nutrition Facts Calories – Guacamole Recipe
    • Nutrient Rich – Avocado contains good fats, Manganese, Carbohydrates, Potassium, Vitamin C, B6 and K1within it. It has clinically proven that this fruit will technically augment the health of human being. It’s very good to drink the juice of Avocado rather than consuming it as such.
    • Suitable for Blood Pressure – To maintain the Blood Pressure, potassium rich foods are essential. Only if the Potassium is absent, it leads to blood pressure problems. That amount of potassium is present not only in Banana but also in Avocado Fruit. So, Avocado is very good for Blood Pressure patients.
    • Reduces Cholesterol – Avocado if added to the daily balanced diet will surely reduce the unwanted Cholesterol in the body. Also, this fruit will decrease the bad fat within our body thereby increasing good fat.
    Avocado Nutrition Facts Calories - Health Benefits of Butter Fruit
    Avocado Nutrition Facts Calories – Health Benefits of Butter Fruit
    • Opposes Cancer – Avocado contains large amounts of antioxidants and Poly nutrients in it. Thus, it enhances the immunity power of man. And also, fight against the Pre- radicals(which causes cell damage) to prevent from Cancer.
    • Fiber Rich Fruit – Avocado is having the rich amount of Fiber nutrients within it. Hence, butter fruit is capable of reducing blood sugar and also the body fat. Added to that, it cures digestion problems of men and women.
    • Arthritis – The enzymes in butter fruit is capable of curing Arthritis and other bone related problems. Just add this fruit to your daily diet to strengthen your bones and muscles.
    • Cures Kidney Damage – The antioxidants and acids in the fruit can prevent the attack of kidney problems. In order to avoid kidney problems, take avocado and stay damage free.
    • Healthy Eyes – In Avocado, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin Characteristics are present in good amounts. These carotenoids are capable of curing eye problems and reducing tissue damage in muscles. Avocado makes way for spotless healthy eyes.
    Avocado Health Benefits - Butter Fruit Nutrition Facts - Avocado Best Medicine for Cancer
    Avocado Health Benefits – Butter Fruit Nutrition Facts – Avocado Best Medicine for Cancer

    Astounding Powers of Avocado Fruit aka Butter Fruit

    Avocado is fruit naturally born with medicinal characteristics. Everyone should take Avocado for gaining unexpected improvisation of health. The more you eat, the more you get profited. There is no age relaxation for eating Avocado. Anyone can eat starting from a small toddler to an old woman. The secret powers of Avocado are capable of rescuing people from hazardous cancer. The fruit called Butter fruit is now becoming famous in many areas. With the improvements in literacy, many have gained knowledge about the fruit. That, in turn, led to buy and eat fruits currently. Eat Avocado for having a healthy and a long span of the lifetime.
    avocado nutrition facts calories - butter fruit health benefits
    avocado nutrition facts calories – butter fruit health benefits
  • Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam, Pineapple Fruit – Pineapple Juice – Pineapple Fruit Calories

    Benefits of Pineapple Fruit – Best Medicine for Health Issues

    Nature has blessed us with ample amount of food which have medicinal benefits within it. One such amazing fruit is the King of Fruits, Pineapple aka Annachi Palam or Annasi Pazham. Pineapple has extraordinary medicinal benefits which you never believe at all. Most of us don’t take pineapple often and also not much. This is because consuming pineapple will cause itches on the tongue for many. But you can take pineapple at least 2 to 3 per day to have a healthy life. Here, in this post, you will be seeing the medicinal facts of pineapple, benefits of pineapple, and uses of Pineapple. Read thoroughly and follow to have an error free health.
    Health Benefits of Pineapple - Annachi Palam - Pineapple
    Health Benefits of Pineapple – Annachi Palam – Pineapple

    Medicinal Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition

    • Pineapple is one of the most important fruits of nature. It is found that Pineapple contains large amounts of manganese nutrients. It has also been proved in recent times. Explore the benefits of Pineapple in day to day life in the forthcoming lines.
    • Pineapple is generally is sown and grown in heat regions of the earth. bromelain, an enzyme for digesting protein, is found rich in Pineapple. This prevents from blood clotting or Freezing of blood. Nutrients like Thiamine and Vitamin C are also found heavily in Pineapple.
    • Pineapple is capable of protecting us from severe cold, flu fever, and ear related problems. The Manganese in Pineapple will increase the antioxidants in the body. This will enhance the enthusiasm of Human body.
    • Pineapple prevents us from Heart attacks and other heart-related issues. The other miscellaneous vitamins will help to increase the immunity power within the body. Pineapple is thus suitable for fighting against severe diseases. Doctors also suggest pineapple is the best medicine to consume to make the diseases fly off from you.
    • Vitamin B is present in high quantity in Pineapple which helps in blood circulation. Also, that nutrient enhances the body strength and cures several disorders. Those people who don’t have sufficient blood can eat pineapple to augment the blood content.
    • Body heat can be perfectly reduced when you follow this activity. Do cut the fully ripe pineapple and dry the pieces in sunlight. After it is completely dry, it will turn into small pappad like things. Take a glass of milk and put 5 to 6 pineapple pappads half an hour before sleeping. And when you go to sleep, just drink it and sleep. Continue this habit for 48 days and you will be reduced in body heat related problems.
    • Ladies suffering from unwanted vaginal discharge can eat pineapple to get rid of that. All the health issues can be readily cured with pineapple. Your face will start glowing when you consume pineapple regularly.
    • In order to get the manganese salts of one day, you have to just eat one cup full of pineapple pieces or just half of the fruit. Pineapples are rich in minerals and less in fat. Also, since it is protein rich, digestion problems can be cured by Pineapple.
    • Pineapple is also an exclusive medicine for reducing the belly fat for people of all age groups. Are you confused how? This is what you need to do to reduce belly fat. Cut the pineapple into small pieces and grind 4 tablespoons of carom seeds. Mix the pieces, carom seed powder and water and boil it. Keep it aside for all night and squeeze it the next morning. Drink the juice early in the morning before eating anything. If you follow this for ten continuous days, your belly fat will be completely reduced.
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition - Annachi Palam - Pineapple Fruits
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam – Pineapple Fruits

    Dry Pineapple Fruit for Blood Production

    First of all, take a fully ripen pineapple and wash it thoroughly. Peel out the hard pineapple skin and cut it into small pieces. Take those pineapple pieces and let them dry in the hot sun. Keep the fully dried pineapple pieces should inside a bottle for later use. Every day before going to bed, soak ten pieces of the stored dry pineapples in a tumbler of milk. Early morning when you get up just eat all the pineapples and also drink the milk. Thus, if you follow this for a two-month period, good blood will be produced by the body. The body also receives energy. Bile and its related dizziness will be completely removed by this practice. In general, dry tongue problems will be cured and simultaneous thirst will be resolved for those who eat pineapples. In the human body, especially pineapple has the ability to enhance the immune power since it has 50 calories per 100 grams.
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition - Annachi Palam - Dry Pineapple Fruit
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam – Dry Pineapple Fruit

    Health Benefits of Pineapple for Heart Disease or Heart Attacks

    Pineapple strengthens the heart

    For anyone who likes the taste of pineapple fruit. Pineapple has many advantages. Its mineral products provide benefits to the body. Good for the heart.

    Pineapple Nutrients – Nutrients in Pineapple

    The main minerals such as Potassium, calcium, manganese plays a vital role in the metabolism of the body. Pineapple is rich in these nutrients essential for heart health. Always use instantly bought fresh pineapple fruit. Hence, consuming pineapple will surely enhance the wellness of heart.

    The Benefits of pineapple

    Pineapple will heal quickly the discomfort caused by body heat. Pineapple is low in fat and high in fiber. The excess protein present in Pineapple will cure the digestion disorder and other inflammations in the body. Everyone, including young girls’ belly, will be reduced by the power of the pineapple.
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition - Annachi Palam - Pineapple Fruit Calories
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam – Pineapple Fruit Calories

    Pineapple Reduces Belly Fat

    Take a bowl of water and cut Pineapple into small pieces. Put in four tablespoons of powdered Oregano, pineapple in the water and boil it nicely. Keep it still for the night, so the next morning and squeezed the juice to eat it on an empty stomach. Following to consume these standards for ten days will start to dissolve your belly.

    Do you want the body to lose weight?

    Have you eaten rice with pineapple rasam? Put the pineapple slices with pepper when making Rasam (soup). Savor a glass of this soup each day or 4 days in a week. Surely, you will reduce a body weight of 2 to 3 kgs by following this methodology.

    Pineapple Health Benefits

    Flower like pineapple fruit, even though available at all times, it is basically a summer fruit. Pineapple fruit is rich in the resources such as vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. As soon as the pineapple fruit is witnessed, mouth starts to water. This is because of the mixture of both Flavors of sour and sweet. But it is not good for pregnant women. This is because the temperature of the body increasing thereby leading to abortion.
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition - Annachi Palam Slice - Pineapple Bromelain
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam Slice – Pineapple Bromelain
    Immune response Pineapple contains antioxidants that strengthen the immune system within the body. This will reduce the impact of diseases in the body. Pineapple for digestion If you have digestive problems, eating a cup of pineapple fruit will cure it. Pineapple will cure all the problems in the digestive tract thus enabling a free digestion. Cold and Cough – Bromelain Benefits Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, there are antibiotics such as a high Bromelain that fight against infections. Especially cough, like when you eat pineapple, good relief. Pineapple for Bone Strength There is more manganese in Pineapple and because of that, they strengthen the bones and connective tissue. A cup of pineapple can provide about 73% of manganese to the body. Healthy gums with Pineapple If you eat pineapple, the healthy look can be attained with stronger teeth and gums. Macular degeneration For today’s generation, visual impairment occurs sooner. Because of the beta-carotene, Pineapple improves eyesight and prevents macular degeneration, which is, to improve eye health. So, if possible, every day, eat a little amount of Pineapple Arthritis Pineapple, b y nature has the anti-inflammatory properties and thus it reduces inflammation in the joints of arthritis patients. Hence, if they consume pineapple regularly, stronger joints will be developed. Pineapple for Sinus and Sore Throat – Bromelain Benefits Pineapple has the healing power of preventing further development of sinus and sore throat. The reason for this is the source of the underlying Bromelain in Pineapple. Pineapple for Cancer In Pineapple, antioxidants are much higher. If you suffer from skin cell problems caused by pre-radicals, Pineapple blocks it. Thereby, Pineapple fruit prevents the development of cancer.
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition - Annachi Palam - Pineapple Fruit Juice
    Health Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam – Pineapple Fruit Juice
    Atherosclerosis Pineapple contains antioxidants and pre-radicals which have the ability to prevent coronary atherosclerosis. Heart health Pineapple reducing the amount of cholesterol in the body and so prevent heart disease thereby protects the health of the heart. Bronchitis Pineapple by nature has the property of curing inflammation. Thus, by eating pineapple, bronchitis patients can able to recover from further injury and inflammation. Pineapple for Blood Pressure Affected by hypertension, pineapple diet comes along, as well as the excess of potassium and low in sodium, the blood pressure is maintained uniformly. Stomach Worms – Pineapple Bromelain Benefits The bromelain enzyme is highly produced by eating pineapple. So while adding pineapple in your diet, it cleans the stomach and makes the worms to expel.

    Pineapple Plant Fruit – Ultimate Protector of Diseases

    Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition - Annachi Palam - Pineapple Fruit Calories
    Benefits of Pineapple Nutrition – Annachi Palam – Pineapple Fruit Calories
    Pineapple is a natural fruit which is easily purchasable at markets. It is not a wrong thing to eat pineapple day. Not only an apple a day will keep the doctor away but also a pineapple a day can do that. Follow the tips given and make yourself pretty among the crowd. But eating too much may also put you into the bad situation. So, avoid overeating and eat accordingly. Pineapple not only saves you today but for the whole lifetime. Pineapple is such a wonderful fruit with amazing health benefits. Eating healthy will obviously make you healthy. Eat pineapple to put an end to all your diseases.
  • Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves – Skin, Hair, Heart and Child’s Growth

    Guava – Wonderful Gift of God for Heart Health, Child’s Growth, Skin and Hair

    Guava (Koyya) is the best known fruit rich in Vitamin C. Guava is a fruit and said to cover all the tropical regions. Guava is available in many varieties and also varies with colors. Guava generally grows in stout trees with thick barks. Guava can be got easily and at cheaper rates. Many people are buying guavas and eating it without knowing the real facts. Do you ever attempt to know the extraordinary benefits of Guava? If not, you have landed to the correct page for getting it. Here, in this post, you can explore the amazing advantages of Guava along with medicinal facts and Health benefits Guava. Scroll down to gain a perfect knowledge about the magical fruit called Guava.
    Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Tree Guava Leaves Guava Fruits
    Guava Tree – Guava Leaves – Guava Fruits
    Nutrients in Guava Fruit 1 cup Guava approximately – 165 grams, contains
    • Fat calories – 2 percent
    • Lactose – 8 percent
    • Fiber – 36 percent
    • 4 grams protein
    • Vitamin A – 21 per cent
    • Vitamin C – 628 percent
    • Calcium – 3 percent
    • Iron – 2 percent
    Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Fruits Guava Tree Fruits
    Guava Fruits – Guava Tree Fruits

    Guava Fruit – The Medicinal and Health Benefits Guava

    Guava (or Koyya) is a fruit which is rich in Vitamins and minerals. Not only the fruit but also the leaves, barks of the guava tree are beneficial. Guava has the benefits of Guava for men, women and also for kids. The unbelievable advantages and benefits of Guava are listed below:
    • Nutrients like Vitamin B and Vitamin C are present in large amounts in Guava.
    • The major water soluble salts like Calcium, Phosphorous, and Iron are present naturally in the fruit.
    • The leaves of Guava are capable of burning the calories and also help in blood circulation.
    • The guava extract can cure vomiting sensation and constipation problems.
    • The heated juice of Guava leaves is a perfect medicine for swelling in Teeth gums.
    • The health juice made from Guava leaves can cure a cough, throat, and heart related disorders. The juice extract of the newly formed barks is capable of curing fever.
    • The paste of Guava leaves when applied on wounds help to recover soon. Ulcer and Teeth defects can also be cured with the help of leave Paste.
    • The bark slits of Guava prevents from bacterial infections and its roots can cure dysentery problems of infants.
    • It is advisable not to use the knife for cutting the fruit. Rather, after washing, you can just eat it with your teeth.
    • Guava is very rich in Vitamin C and hence termed to be the god’s gift for Children. Guava helps in their growth and strengthens the bones.
    • The presence of nutrients is very high mainly on the skin of Guava and hence don’t remove it before eating.
    • Guava is good for the brightness and beauty of the human face. Dryness is completely removed and thus gives an anti aging property to your skin.
    • Alcoholic persons can recover themselves by eating this fruits. If you consume guava daily, all the bad thoughts will fly away from you.
    • The juice made with guava and some other natural ingredients will help in the free release of waste matter from the mother after childbirth.
    • Guava is not suitable to consume before your eating time. You can eat guava after finishing your food or the long time before having food.
    • Persons with Skin disorder should not take Guava since it will enhance your problem of disease.
    • Similarly, people with diseases like Asthma, Paralysis should not have guava at all. It will increase the severity of the disease.
    • Eating Guava at night should be avoided since it can cause stomach ache. Also, make sure to eat less. Taking too much of the fruit may lead to fainting and body heat.
    • Guava gives a glow and beauty to the skin. Guava restores your aging effect.
    • The wounds in Pancreas and gall bladder can be cured by guava.
    • Those people who smoke will automatically get wounds and problems in Liver. When they eat Guava, will surely recover soon from those problems.
    • The problems occurring in blood vessels and also other blood related problems can be cured by Guava.
    • If the blockages caused in the blood vessels are 70% to 80%, it can be completely cured by 5 to 10% when guava fruit is consumed.
    • Guava fruit will enhance digestion and immunity power within the human body.
    • The alcoholic people get relief from addiction by eating the guava fruit.
    Health Benefits Guava Tree Fruit Leaves Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava

    Health Benefits of Guava Fruit, Guava Leaves and Guava Juice

    After Banana, the most popular fruit is Guava. We people are eating Guava without knowing its real benefits. When we come to know about its unknown benefits, we will even eat more.
    Health Benefits Guava Tree Guava Fruit Guava Leaves -Guava Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Juice Guava Fruit Juice
    Guava Juice – Guava Fruit Juice
    Here are some important health benefits of Guava given:
    • Guava has the essential vitamin C content more than four times than that in orange. Vitamin C content of preventing germs from attacking the immune system to keep your health safe.
    • Copper content in guava helps greatly to act with hormones in bringing about health safety. Greatly facilitate the functioning of the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland function.
    • Guava greatly reduces the risk of cancer. Vitamin C content in the Guava greatly reduces the risk of cancer by tissue preservation with the help of Vitamin Licobion.
    • Guava fruit is best suited for Diabetes patients. No fiber, low sugar level containing Guava can be taken by sugar patients.
    • Guava fruit helps in bringing about good eyesight.
    • The folic acid, vitamin B-9 are present in Guava and hence suggested for pregnant women. It protects the baby’s nervous system very well.
    • Keeps the blood pressure steady. Boosts blood production.
    • Magnesium in Guava will make veins, muscles relaxed so that there will be the decrease in depression.
    • If we eat Guava, Vitamin B-3, also known as the niacin, vitamin B-6 in the brain called as pretoxin go well with our body. Also, it helps in blood circulation to the brain helping it to get rid of tiring.
    • The vitamin C, A and Licobion, carotene, etc. will delay the appearance of wrinkles by eliminating the old.
    • Guava removes waste products of our body to clean the bowel. Below are some notes to recipes. Whether it is a fruit or vegetable, any cooking object should be used after washing. Both white and red Guava are good for health.

    Guava is Mandatory for Good Health

    No one can be unaware of Guava flavor. Guava grown in home gardens and also by the side of plough fields. India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are the countries where guava is grown much. The Jampala, Guava, Palampar are the names by which the fruit is called. Guava is similar to Mango, jackfruit, banana fruit described largely in parallel. Guava is a nutrient rich fruit, which is the highest in the lowest price.
    Health Benefits Guava Tree Guava Fruit Guava Leaves -Guava Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth - Guava Fruit Juice Guava Juice
    Guava Fruit Juice – Guava Juice
    Guava fruits are grown abundantly in summer. Inner pulp of the fruit is currently for sale in the environment. Guava fruits are available in white and red colors. A variety of guava contains the pulp to be Rose in color. In all the types of Guava, there are only medical uses. Guava has a fantastic smell and the vitamins and minerals are high in it. Next, to Amla, Guava is having the high content of Vitamin C.

    Guava Tree Fruit Medicare Benefits

    • Constipation is resolved: Guava cures constipation at the beginning of the disease. The impact of all diseases begins from constipation. The synthesis of well-being, wealth is spoiled by Constipation. Guava keeps you rid of constipation if eaten piece of fruit for dinner. Guava increases the power of the digestive tract.
    • Ulcer healing: Chemicals are mixed in all the foods, they are more likely to cause indigestion which causes stomach ulcers. To alleviate this, it’s better to eat Guava fruit. If the source of the disease prevalence has continued Guava will make your escape from the original disease.
    • Guava for Liver: Strengthen the liver, the body’s storage stockpile of liver damage, the nature of the body vary causing body heat. Thus the body would lead to many complications. Apart from this, the Guava is very important to strengthen the Liver thereby avoids problems
    • Guava for diabetes: The people with the impact of diabetes should not eat Guava at times. But for patients with diabetes, Guava can be taken to reduce the damage caused. There is also the ability to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.
    • Guava for Anemia: Anemia is caused by the decrease of iron in the blood. Indian children, especially girl children, 63.8 percent of the children affected by Anemia. Thus the World Health Organization warned people regarding Anemia. To overcome you should eat good and enriching fruits.
    • Children’s growth: Vitamin C, which is needed for the development of children, is high in nutritional Guava. Guava will strengthen the bones and muscles of children to grow healthy. Stronger teeth can be achieved with Guava. Guava has characteristics to cure Mange, scabies and other skin diseases. Guava plays a vital role in reducing the body heat.
    • Reducing cholesterol: High blood pressure, High cholesterol can be decreased by guava. According to the research of cardiovascular research institute in India, eating two Guava fruit daily will reduce the Cholesterol.
    • Heart palpitations are witnessed at many times. The body will sweat too much when the action occurs. Guava is capable of treating heart disease. It is good for people with heart palpitations to eat Guava Fruit.
    Health Benefits Guava Tree Guava Fruit Guava Leaves -Guava Benefits for Skin Hair Heart and Childs Growth
    Guava Fruit – Guava Tree – Guava Leaves

    Guava Fruit (Koyya Palam)– The Perfect Remedy For Various Diseases

    Guava is not only a fruit but also the best medicine for life. Many diseases and disorders can be cured with the help of Guavas. So, you should eat Guava at regular times and keep in mind to eat less. Every fruit has its own significance. Guava being a tropical fruit is truly a magical one. It is easily accessible in many parts of the world. Guava is the fruit we eat regularly in our day to day life. So, it is essential for us to know about the uses and benefits of Guava. I hope so you must have got some knowledge on the advantages of Guava and its vital properties. Eat Guava for a healthy life ahead.
  • Health Benefits of Lemon, Lime, Lemon Water
    nedunal discusses Lemon (Lime) and the Health Benefits of Lemon Water

    Health Benefits of Lemon

    Put Everyone knows Lemon is having so many good things. But most of the people are thinking that Lemon is good for losing weight. Lemon is not only good for skin. Lemon is good for health also. Lets we discuss health benefits of Lemon

    Goodness in Lemon for Human Health

    • If we drink Lemon juice along with our diet it will help to reduce cholesterol and gives the good shape of our body.
    • If we drink Lemon juice every day then the Lemon will increase the antibiotic and it helps to prevent from viral disease.
    • Women should drink Lemon Juice every day because Lemon Juice helps to prevent from breast cancer.
    • Lemon helps to reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in our body.
    • Moreover, Lemon helps to remove toxins in our body and it gives the glow to our skin.
    • Those are all having more pimples in their face can use Lemon as face bleach. Lemon will help to remove dark spots and pimples.

    Uses of Lemon at Home

    Lemon can be used for whitening the dresses. Put half Lemon juice in the container and mix along with baking soda. Apply it on the stains. Leave it and wash after 5 minutes, tough stains can be removed easily. Lemon can be used to avoid sticking of boiled rice. Put half a teaspoon of Lemon juice while boiling the rice. Then the rice will become non-sticky.


    Avoid drinking of concentrated Lemon juice directly because it will affect the tooth enamel. Lemon is very cheap, anyone can buy easily if we use Lemon in our regular diet then our life will become more healthy. Most of our Diseases or illness will be cured by our Proper Diet.
  • Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Persimmon, an existing ‘Divine Fruit’ is found during the autumn season. There are many types of this fruit being cultivated, the famous one is the Diospyros kaki, commonly known as the Japanese Persimmon. The Beautiful orange colored skinned fruit resembles a tomato but actually it is a berry. Persimmon is a low-calorie fruit and is of two types namely astringent and non-astringent variety. It can be consumed raw or dried. Many dishes like puddings can be made with Persimmon fruit. Minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamins A and C are present in this fruit. Read further down to find more about the health benefits provided by persimmon.
    Persimmon Fuyu Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Persimmon, Fuyu, Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease

    How to eat an Appetizing Persimmon?

    Persimmons can be eaten fresh, dried, raw, or cooked depending on us. If you want to eat fresh, eat whole like you eat apple slices, and you can even peel for that case. The best way to eat ripe persimmons is to knife out the top leaf and scooping the flesh out. Ripe Persimmons can also be broken into half for eating. The nature of flesh changes from light to hard. But, the flesh is sweet and sometimes give apple-like crunchy taste.The Persimmon or the Sharon fruit have a high amount of beta-carotene and minerals like sodium, magnesium, calcium and iron.
    Sweet Persimmon Slice - Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Sweet Persimmon Slice – Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    There are two major types of persimmon namely astringent or Hachiya Persimmon and non-astringent, or Fuyu. The non-astringent varieties can be eaten as such like crispy. On the other hand, the astringent one is sweet and spicy which makes our mouth to want more. The fully ripe condition of fruit is almost jelly-like bursts which taste fantastic. Fuyus work well in salads and also for pies and cakes. Hachiyas are fleshy and ripe to bite and make a mess. A good method is to cut them in half and scoop out the flesh for use in jams.
    Persimmon Fruits - Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Persimmon Fruits – Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease

    Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit

    1. Help to lose weight A medium sized Persimmon weighs about 168 grams and provides around 31 grams of carbohydrates. The fruit contains very less amount of fat in it. For the people who dream of losing their weight can eat Persimmon because of these two factors to make their dream come true. 2. Provides lot of Phytochemicals The fruit contains lots of assorted phytochemicals which includes catechins and polyphenolic antioxidants. These phytochemicals are anti-inflammatory and anti-infective agents. Thus, it could help to escape us from unwanted inflammatory reactions and infections. 3. Anti-Haemorrhoid in Nature Persimmon possesses all the anti-hemorrhagic properties and of course been used in controlling heavy bleeding from wounds very soon. 4. Best for Diabetes Patients Diabetic people are prone to hunger cravings more often. Being rich in fibers, this fruit can be enjoyed by diabetics to tackle the hunger problems. The fruit can also regulate the blood sugar level. 5. Important for Digestive System Fibers are necessary for enhanced bowel movements. Consumption of this fiber-rich fruit regularly can help lessen bowel movement problems, thereby making way for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Tannins in persimmons will regulate the intestinal movement and also offers relief from diarrhea issue.
    Persimmon Slice - Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Persimmon Slice – Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    6. Good For Hypertension When sodium is excessively added in diet, it can trigger hypertension. Persimmon contains very low levels of sodium and so can be used as a balanced low-sodium diet specifically for hypertension. 7. Strengthens Immunity Persimmon is a good source of Vitamin C and when eaten regularly maintains your balanced diet. Thereby can help in strengthening the immunity levels. Persimmon acts as a protective shield against common cold, flu, and so-called lung infections, including asthma. 8. Improves Vision and Production Of Red Blood Cells Persimmon contains vitamin A and hence has powers to protect your valuable vision. Considering blood also, Persimmon helps a lot with its inner potentials. The presence of copper in this fruit helps in proper iron absorption thereby produces red blood cells. It has even the ability to get relief from Hiccups. 9. Keeps Healthy Liver Persimmon contains a high amount of antioxidants, which remove the harmful oxygen-derived free radicals in our body. It cancels the effect of toxic materials and prevents cell damage. This help us to have a detoxified body and a healthy liver. 10. Reduces Water Retention Being diuretic in nature, persimmon can put a full stop to water retention problems. Persimmon increases the amount of urine flowing through the kidneys. Being high in potassium, it ensures that no important mineral is lost during urination 11. Provides abundant Energy Persimmon juice is considered a natural energizer since it contains high potassium and sugar content. Drinking a glass of persimmon juice gives you instant energy for doing a power-packed activity. 12. Help to Fight against Cancer Being a rich source of antioxidants detoxifies the body and help us free from cell damage and cancer issues. The presence of vitamins and mineral acids enrich the cancer-combating properties of this fruit.

    Persimmon’s Nutrition Facts and Persimmon Health Benefits

    Persimmon fruit is a golden yellow flavorful, smooth textured eatable from a far East Asian origin. The sweet is packed with promoting nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants important for optimum health.
    Fuyu Fruits, Persimmon Fruits, Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Fuyu Fruits, Persimmon Fruits, Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    To say botanically, persimmons belong to Ebenaceae family, in the genus: Diospyros. Persimmon fruit is pretty high in calories but very much low in fats. The fleshy matter is a very good source of dietary fiber. Every 100 g of this fleshy fruit contains 3.6 g or 9.5% of soluble and insoluble fiber. Health benefiting flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants such as catechins and gallocatechin are present in Persimmon in addition to anti-tumor compound, betulinic acid. Catechins found to have anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties.
    Sweet Persimmon Fruits - Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Sweet Persimmon Fruits – Persimmon Fruit Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Few other anti-oxidant compounds are rich in this fruit including vitamin-A, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. Altogether, Persimmon protects against oxygen-derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) which cause aging and various disease processes. Persimmon is good in many valuable B-complex vitamins such as folic acid, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), and thiamin and thereby helps in metabolic enzymatic functions in the body. The long lasting persimmon’s health benefits are basically due to its nutrition providing vitamins and minerals, and some organic compounds.
    Persimmon Fruits Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Persimmon Fruits Benefits – Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease
    Potassium is a significant content in persimmon and acts as a vasodilator to help lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure helps reduce cardiovascular system strains and fight against heart diseases. Persimmon fruit contains organic compounds that put down blood pressure. In addition to lower blood pressure, persimmons also provide copper for good blood circulation. Without the presence of this copper, the body isn’t able to uptake the essential nutrients to make more hemoglobin. A perfect circulation of red blood cells leads to an increased cognitive function, energy levels, muscle tone, cellular growth, and repairs bones.

    Persimmon Tree Fruits – The Blessed Fruit from God

    Aside from being sweet and tasty, persimmons are nutritious with several health benefits. Also called “The Fruit of the Gods” Persimmon is a vital fruit and extremely popular in Asian countries. Persimmon is available during the months from October through February. Persimmon Tree - Persimmon Fruit Benefits - Ultimate Persimmon Tree Fruit for Health and Disease In our Tamil Nadu, Persimmon grows in Ooty and is popular among those people. Since it is a rare fruit, the cost will be a little high. Health is our wealth and so ignores the cost matters. Persimmon is very good for eye health and it has the magic to bring back even the lost sight. Eat Persimmon well to feel the best.

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